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Monday, January 31, 2011


Knobby Starfish
Knobby starfish have quite the unusual look, but are just as attractive as our more traditional starfish! They feature large “knobs” throughout their body and arms, with the knobs seeming to get darker as the starfish ages. Younger knobby starfish tend to have more of a creamer color. They’re very durable and hold the starfish “shape” very well, with their arms pointing straight out.
Pink Murex Seashell Nightlight
This is a "Pink Murex Seashell" nightlight. The seashell itself is pinkish but when lit it is not pink. It's stands about 4" tall including the switch base.

Parrot Cage Wind Chime With Urchin & Cut Seashells
This is a large wind chime, it is 50" tall and is handmade. The cage is made from twigs and is tied together. It has light red/pinkish and blue dyed and cut shells. The long shells are a type of urchin.

Quality Shells have a huge selection of about anything you need from decorative to Starfish!

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