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Monday, February 28, 2011

CLOSED: Giveaway: Great River Organic Milling Company

Great River Organic Milling is located on the upper Mississippi River, in the heart of what is called the Hiawatha Valley. The natural beauty of the area is a constant reminder of the importance of our commitment to organic agriculture.

Great River Organic Milling
Organic, or sustainable agriculture is more than the avoidance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. An organic farm strives to protect our environment by building and maintaining healthy soil which, in turn, improves water and air quality. It has been shown that grain and other food crops grown in a healthy soil, resist pests and diseases better than conventionally grown crops and also contain more vital nutrients important to humans. Consuming organic foods promotes thehealth of individuals and the land on which it was grown. In supporting organic agriculture we promote the cycle of a healthy environment which includes the lives of microorganisms, plants, and humans.

I was sent the following products for review from Great River!

Organic 5 Grain Pancake Mix
This mix is different from anyhting I have ever tasted before! The mix is easy to use & the pancakes cooked up perfectly! We ate these pancakes with the syrup below which is awesome by the way! The kids went to town on these pancakes & everyone absolutely loved them! You can taste the difference between these pancakes & commerical type pancakes.

The only thing I can compare the 5 grain pancakes to is the type offered by the Amish that I have ate! If you are into whole grain types of food you will love these pancakes. They are probably the most fresh, organic Pancakes I have ever ate! But if you buy this you have to buy the syrup which goes hand in hand!
Pure Organic Maple Syrup
Hands down the best syrup we have ever tasted! This syrup is more of a thinner consistency than the thicker commerical syrup we are used to! Tim totally agreed with me this syrup was awesome & the best ever. I have tasted similar syrup but I think overall this is the best especially combined with the pancakes above.

It also had a buttery flavor that is hard to find in syrup. It's not like the butter syrup at all that you buy at the store. Personally I think the butter syrup is exetremely gross that you can get from the store & the kids hate it. You just have to taste this syrup to get the buttery sweet taste that it delivers.

Highland Medley Whole Grain Hot Cereal
A 3 grain blend similar to Irish oatmeal
Since I don't care much for hot cereal I had Tim sample it to see what he thought! After the cereal was finished cooking Tim added sugar & a splash of milk to the hot cereal. He said it reminded him of grits or a cream of wheat flavor.  The consistancy & taste was perfect according to Tim!
100% Organic Bread Flour Unbleached Wheat
The first thing you will notice about this flour is how heavy it is when you first lift it! Perfect for a bread machine & excellent taste. The price compared to other top of the line organic bread flour is a great value. The kids loved it & so did we so it gets an A from our family!
Bread Flour Blend Seven Grain
Because we like more of a "grainy" flavored bread this was an awesome bread for us. I persoanlly liked it better than the above bread. This is another heavy bread as is the above. Great for bread machines so I am unsure how the product would be by hand. The kids really liked this & I will be making it again!

Get a $2 off coupon on Alice if you buy through Great Rivers Facebook page. The store is on the left side bar if you scroll down on the facebook page.

One very lucky person will win the same products I received above!

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Thank You for entering my Giveaway!!! By your Support of Entering & Commenting I am able to bring you Great Products....I read every Comment & truly enjoy reading your thoughts about a product. I especially love when you make me laugh.