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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nutrisystem Review: My 1st Week Progress

The first is the hardest as they always say & it was for me. I completely cut out all consumption of my pop which as we all know has a ton of sugar & calories. If I could drink a 12 pack of Coke I would but then I would weigh a heck of a lot more than I do now.

So how did I get to where I am now. To be honest laziness & thyroid issues were the main causes about a year & half ago. I was exercising & eating very healthy then all of a sudden I became so tired I just couldn't get up to exercise. Plus I just completed a round of IV steriods which didn't help my cause of trying to lose weight. When I receive steroid treatments the cravings are almost too much for me to avoid. Usually I have just given in but tried to control myself somewhat.

So having a baby 5 years ago also didn't help matters & I have yet to get back to pre-pregnancy weight of around 110 lbs.

I will be selecting a few foods each week to review. This way you can get a good idea of how I eat plus what I think of the food. Included in this review will be my weight & measurements. An occasional embarrassing picture may also be included.

Start as of 2/1/2011
Height – 5'3"

Current Weight – 153lbs 8oz
Waist: 37 1/4 inches
Goal Weight – 120

First Week
Lost: 3lbs 4oz
Current Weight: 150lbs 4oz
Waist: 36 1/2 inches

I only measured my waist but I will start next week with measurements from my thighs, hips, bust & arms. So yes I will start exercising here in a few weeks. I just have to get used to the eating plan first.

Overall I am extremely happy with the weight lost but I know not every week I will lose so much weight. I had a serious deduction in calories from just cutting out the pop. The food is awesome & I have yet to find something I do not like. Yes I have been hungry but it's not overwhelming to where I am miserable. Below are a few of the foods I got to sample this week!

Nothing says filling like a hearty bowl of chili. Seasoned meat and beans will not only leave you satisfied, it will also have you wondering if you've ever tasted chili quite this good.

If you like chili you will love this chili. Perfect taste really good especially on a cold day! I put a little cheese on it because you can't have chili without cheese - low fat of course).

Who needs take-out when you can have this? Tender pieces of beef and egg noodles are combined with crisp baby corn and crunchy water chestnuts, all in a delicious teriyaki sauce. This is the perfect thing to reach for if you're craving Chinese food!

This was actually my favorite & I don't care for Chinese food at all. The sauce was perfect & not over done with too much of a salty taste. The beef was really tender as described above which made this meal perfect! I would highly recommend this dish even if you don't care for Chinese food.

Chocolate for breakfast? Absolutely! This rich, dense pastry is filled with chips of semi-sweet chocolate, for bursts of chocolate flavor in every bite. This is great right out of the package, or you can heat it briefly in either the toaster oven or the microwave until the chocolate melts. Yum!

Ok I really loved the scone heated up but I'm not too crazy about it right out of the package. To me (my opinion only) it just didn't taste good right out of the package. This scone heated up with some coffee is awesome especially first thing in the morning!

Pancakes on a diet? You bet! A breakfast favorite, these hearty, delicious flapjacks take just minutes from the freezer to your plate, so you can enjoy them any time. Indulge in two filling pancakes full of flavor and rich in whole-grain goodness. Top with a warm, fresh fruit compote, or enjoy with a bit of your favorite sugar-free syrup.

Oh my pancakes are my favorite & these are totally awesome! The only complaint I have is that I wanted 10 more of them :( But seriously these pancakes are the bomb!

Chicken salad with a twist. Relish the taste of red bell peppers and celery bits complemented by hearty chunks of chicken in light mayonnaise. Use as a salad topper or enjoy with a small, whole grain roll — this is the perfect lunchtime treat. (Just don't let mom know we improved on her original!)

I really love chicken salad & this salad was really good. I'm not as crazy about it as the pancakes but it was good! I will be ordering this again for sure.

Ok now that I made myself hungry I will stop with all the delicious food that I am lucky enough to try out!

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I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


Tawnya said...

Thank you for sharing Tatum! I am almost exactly the same size as you! I have seriously been considering Nutrisystem for some time now. Unfortunately it is not in the budget. We eat very cheaply (thanks to coupons). I am hoping things will change when I get a new job!

Do you really feel satisfied?

I am afraid I wouldn't be able to hold back eating more, especially if the family is eating something yummy! I seriously have no willpower, but I guess if I really set my mind to it?

OlyveOyl said...

I remember back in 1982-83 my Father went on the NutriSystems diet for my wedding. We watched him suffer from the nasty tasting food, but was determined to stick with it. He said that the powdered eggs and dry meat in WWII tasted better than the food - so it is nice to know that the food taste has changed. He said that he was hungry, too...and chewed a lot of sugar-free gum and sucked on sugar free candies to help him. Thanks for sharing, I, too, as working on the weight - but have little will power, thus far!

jenzen69 said...

What a brave undertaking. I have dieted alot but never with a "plan", maybe this is the problem. Im sorry to hear about your many health problems and those steroids will make you gain like crazy. Good luck and thanks for sharing this with us

~dab said...

Thanks for the review on the foods - I wonder how the portion size(s) are though?

~dab said...

Is it wrong that I'm all excited to try the pancakes? LOL

~dab said...

I got mine this week :) Portion sizes are smaller for most items than I expected, but I glanced over the material and I realized I have to add other stuff to most meals. I didn't know that, so we'll see how it goes.