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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Plan a Family Weekend of Fun

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Sometimes our family routines can get a little boring. We’ve all fallen into the trap of planning the same old things for each upcoming weekend, giving us déjà vu and leaving our children dissatisfied. Of course, we could spend the money for a weekend trip or expensive adventure, but those types of things are short lived and usually cost more than they are worth. As parents, we are left with the task of creating bonding experiences that will bring our families closer together while still staying within budget. Here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling:
1. Museums – Look for local attractions and keep your eyes peeled for any discounts. Many times you can get a great deal for a family pass, especially on longer weekends when museums know that children don’t have school the next day.

2. Camping – The initial cost of camping can be a little high, but once you have all the materials purchased, camping can be a great low-cost solution to your weekend planning. If you don’t want to rough it too much, put up a tent in your back yard and enjoy the comforts of home (and a bathroom) while still getting the excitement of something different.

3. Backyard mini golf tournament – Using wading pools, hoses, sprinklers, a sandbox or anything else on hand, make your own mini golf course in your backyard. For more fun, invite your neighbors to participate and increase the boundaries to include their yard. You can find golf balls for pretty cheap online, as well as small putters.

4. Weird family photos – Take a regular family photo and turn it into a craft project. Using construction paper, ribbons, yarn, pipe cleaners and more, transform the picture into a crazy photo that you can pin up on the fridge. Create crowns, antenna, beards and false eyelashes using your imagination and some cheap supplies.

5. Talent show – Children love to show their talents, so hang up a curtain and invite them to participate in a talent show. To have the fun last even longer, invite some neighbors to join in.

6. Outdoor movie night – Hang up a white bed sheet on the side of your house and rent a projector to play a movie on the big screen. This adds a fun twist to your traditional movie night, and there’s a lot of room, so invite some friends and relax in the good weather.

7. Flag football – Using materials you’ll find in the closet (a belt, some ties) craft your own flag football belt and let the games begin.

When next weekend rolls around, try something new and see how your family reacts. You’ll be surprised how something so simple can create bonding experiences that everyone can enjoy.

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618mom said...

We love to take back road drives and look for animals. Scavenger hunts are fun too!

Shannon said...

I love the outdoor movie night..we may just have to try that out.

thight said...

i love the idea of camping in the backyard. i def need my running water close by!