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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Karma Kiss

About Karma Kiss
Budded and bloomed by the creators of Streamline Inc. in 1991, amongst the awe-inspiring, creative habitat of New York City. Karma Kiss went on to feature a boutique of ‘time pieces’ designed by a troupe of Streamline artists that worked aside designer & proprietor Sophia Senderovich.

From our earliest days of Bubble Watches™ & Blowfish Alarm Clocks, Karma Kiss has been providing gifts of best quality, unique style & genuine thoughtfulness with our savvy customers in mind. Today we are proud to share that our products have been featured in memorable Hollywood films (Down To You, Little Miss Sunshine, Twilight) and popular publications such as Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Family Fun, O Magazine, New York Times & many more!

We offer a creative array of lifestyle accessories which are both fun and functional and that attract the young and the young at heart. Some of our most popular pieces include Playful WonderBalls™, Fun Sound Alarm Clocks, Delicious Lip Gloss designs, Clever Desk Diversions, Whimsical Money Banks & the beyond awesome ReMake Its!™ Kits which have a keen sense of green in mind.


An internationally renowned surface designer and illustrator, Sara Taylor, draws inspiration from nature and photographs taken around Derbyshire as well as Japanese illustration.
Wake up to the sweet sounds of a playful melody in this Sara Taylor, Japanese inspired clock design.
•Packaged in a gift box.
•Clock face approx: 5" Diameter.
•Batteries included.
•Alarm sound: Musical melody!

Any girl would love this clock!! It is stylish and original. It has a retro look with a modern twist with the Japenese doll on the face of the clock. I hate waking up to that horrible beep beep beep. With this alarm clock you will wake up to music. This site has many other clocks with different pictures on them fit for both boys and girls!


BeautyToLove said...

Great review! Karma Kiss has the cutest stuff. I know a bunch of people who would love to get items from there as gifts. :)

E said...

They have such cute stuff! :] That is a really cute clock! thank you for the reveiw!

E said...
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E said...
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jenzen69 said...

So i went to their website to see what it was all about and they had the most stylish stuff. I love the buddha lamp

Anonymous said...

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