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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"World's Greatest TV Dad" Tournament from , a leading online resource for Dads has come up the "World's Greatest TV Dad" tournament just in time for Father's Day.

World's Greatest TV Dad
Welcome to's World's Greatest TV Dad bracket challenge. It works like those other bracket contests you've heard of, but unlike the NCAA, you have the power. Scout the match-ups, read the bios and vote for the winner. Check back every week for the next round of match-ups all leading to June 17, when we unveil to the expecting world our champion, your World's Greatest TV Dad.

32 Men will enter, only one will survive our bracket to become the World’s Greatest TV Dad. Click on a match-up, cast your vote and talk some smack. Vote now, vote often. Check back weekly for new match-ups and watch for the winner June 17. May the World’s Greatest TV Dad win.

The best TV Dads become iconic - capturing the ideal of a generation and changing radically over the years. From Ward Cleaver to Bill Cosby to Phil Dunphy, Dads on television dispense advice, act goofy, hold down 9-to-5 jobs, and approach raising their children with attitudes ranging from indulgence to deep understanding and acceptance.

Through June 16, visitors can choose their favorite TV Dads from seeded pairings on Every Monday the next round of match-ups will be posted, and the field of contenders will be narrowed through the audience votes. The "World's Greatest TV Dad" will be announced on just before Father's Day on Friday, June 17.

The pool of competitors were selected and seeded by the editorial team based up four criteria:
1. Shared household responsibilities
2. Relationship with children
3. Personal health/style/appearance
4. Work/family balance

In addition to voting for the winning Dad, wants Moms and Dads to weigh in on the attributes they believe make a good father and how this parenting paradigm has shifted over the last fifty years!

What a great contest that has thought of! I grew up watching a lot of these dads on tv and always found myself taking a little from each one that I thought was a great, realistic characteristic from them. I know it sounds silly and these shows aren't reality but scripted, but we, as dads can still take qualities from these created characters. For example, I always liked how the dad from Good Times was stern but fair and how Bill Cosby knew how to bring comedy into even the smallest life lessons for his kids. I also liked the old-fashioned feel of Michael Landon as a dad on Little House on the Prairie as well. Also, who can forget how goofy but lovable dads like Hayden Fox and Danny Tanner. All of these characters showed great qualities that dads can relate to and take from. So have fun voting on this great tv dad tournament!

Bill Cosby is my favorite & I hope he wins!

~ Visit the World's Greatest TV Dad Contest & tell me your favorite (2 entries)
~ Comment on this contest below (2 entries)
I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate. Opinions may vary to my own.


dhunter40 said...

I have always liked Bill Cosby so I will be pulling for him

deb126 said...

Yes I agree & like Bill Cosby too but my favorite funny dad of all times is Daman Wayans, we still watch the reruns of My Wife & Kids & I think he is so funny I love how he over dramatizes everything, and back in the day I was a Huge "Alan Thicke" fan never missed watching, but when I think about it now I realize how lame of a show it really was but I only watched it to see Alan didnt really care for the actual show. And then there is Homer, a bumbling, but loving idiot, the show is still a favorite in my house. It will be interesting to see who wins this tournament.
debis126 at

Owen's Mom said...

Oh, yes...Bill Cosby is a very iconic TV Dad. I also have to say Alan Thick is a fave from my childhood.

rj7777 said...

I voted on the best Dad and I choose Charles Ingalls from LIttle House on the prarie. I used to watch that show all the time. He was always fair and loved his family and showed it in his actions. Rita Spratlen

Sheri said...

tim allen of course, who wouldnt want a comedian for a father! always laughing!

Sheri said...

tim allen of course 2

Sheri said...

great giveaway!

Sheri said...

damon wayans would be my second vote!

Just Coupons said...

I have to say my favorite was Pa from Little House. Second I would say Mr. C from Happy Days.

FibroMommy said...

My favorite will always be Mr Cosby.

lewalk said...

How fun! I went and voted for Red Foreman. Gotta love Red. Lol. He's probably close to what a dad is like in real life. Or used to be maybe. My dad was seemingly always grouchy like Red. He's happier now, maybe it was me? Nah! Lol.


kalea_kane said...

Bill Cosby is cool, but I like Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights the best. He has good flaws but is a great dad. :)


SaveOne said...

it's a tie between Danny Tanner & Mike Brady, both were super nice dads and who wouldn't love to have a super nice dad.

Barbarawr said...

Me, too! Me, too!! I want Bill Cosby! I thought of him before I even saw what you wrote

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