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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CLOSED Giveaway: Loopeez Shoe Tying Aid For Kids

Loopeez shoe tying aids teach Kids how to tie shoes by accelerating the learning process and eliminating frustration. Loopeez easy grip is great for little fingers and the sleek design holds shoelaces in place making learning to tie shoes a breeze. With Loopeez shoe tying aids shoes stay tied longer and laces stay off the ground. It's a cool way for kids to tie their shoe laces and Loopeez comes in a large variety of designs making learning how to tie shoes fun!

Shoe Tying In Five Easy StepsTeaching your child to tie shoelaces should be fun. Using loopeez and our Bi-Colored shoelaces, shoe tying success is only 5 fun steps away. Below are the step-by-step instructions and we have included a short video, Five Easy Steps to shoe Tying Fun! to also assist you.

Shoe Tying Instructions

1. Start by crossing the laces over and pull tightly.

2. Place Loopeez ShoeTying Aid on top of the twist.
3. Push one shoelace through the hole to form a “loop” or “bunny ear” (careful not to pull all the way through).
4. Repeat with the other lace.

* for traditional method pull the second lace straight through the hole (no loop).
5. Cross “Bunny Ears” over to complete the bow.

For special needs children and adults, shoe tying can be a frustrating process. Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation patients often times need assistance tying or relearning how to tie their shoes. Loopeez shoe tying aid and our bi-color shoelaces are designed to be essential tools for teaching shoe tying, and in the assistance of rehabilitation. Loopeez act as an extra hand and the bi-color laces are a visual aid.

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