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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Closed Giveaway: Twirlygirl $50 Gift Code

About: Twirlygirl
Ever since I was 8 years old, I've had a unique fashion sense: I insisted on wearing blue suede clogs during brutal Chicago winters. Little Cindy wanted to wear what she wanted, and that was that. I didn't care if I was cold. I was the ONLY one dressed that way and that's all that mattered.

Years later, I had my own daughters. And as genetics would dictate, they were just as picky as I was. They wanted a very special dress, unlike anything they had ever seen. And they had to be dressy enough to go to a ball! But they had to be comfortable enough to run around! And in case they got bored with one side, they had to be reversible. And they had to TWIRL!

Needless to say, this dress was not available in the department stores or even small boutiques. I'd have to make it myself. No problem. All I would need was months of sewing classes, many, many hours of practicing with Marilyn Chaney - Seamstress Extraordinaire, several dozen trips to the Los Angeles fashion district, and a couple of sewing machines.

But it all paid off. My girls loved their dresses so much, they wouldn't take them off. And because they were REVERSIBLE, they rarely had to. Two special dresses to twirl and play in! They really felt special wearing them. As special as a little girl wearing blue suede clogs in a snowstorm.

Pretty soon, other parents were asking where I got these dresses. TwirlyGirl was born! That was almost 4 years ago. Since then, TwirlyGirl has grown into a full line with over 150 stores and we are still growing. I hand pick the fabrics in the Los Angeles fashion district, selecting only those of the highest quality. And everything is made by hand in the City of Angels as well.

Every child on this planet is vibrant and extraordinary. I'm proud to create clothing that helps them feel that way.
Cynthia Jamin


This site is the most wonderful site to buy clothes for girls. They have so many different fun patterns for dresses! They also have leggings, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, and skirts.
WOW - Wings of Wonder™

•The little dress with the BIG secret. Haven't you ever just wanted to take your coat spread out your arms and fly around? Well, maybe not now, but when you were a kid? With a little imagination, this dress can take flight and more!
•Girls can wear the WOW dress anywhere, they don't have to dress up in a costume to feel extra-special. With hidden elastic wristbands they can transform into a butterfly or a fairy or a mermaid with fins... the possibilities are endless.
•And when the playing is done, the dress goes back to being a sweet little frock with a flowy cape in the back. Shhh!

A dress that is full of ribbons and twirls.
NEW VERSIONS: Have arrived
• All occassions, especially every day!
• Totally Twirly™
• Fully lined bodice
• Spaghetti Strap detail in the back
• Machine washable/Tumble Dry

Can Can

This dress is so much fun to wear!
• Shorter skirt length in the front going longer in the back - Flowing behind her as she walks
• Totally - full circle attached to empire waist
• Soft, silky & vibrant fabrics
• Playful & elegant anytime of day!

Reversible Twirly Racer

We created another Original Reversible Twirly™ Dress!
How is it different than the first one?
• Gathered V-Neck
• Cool racer back
• Lower waistline
• Shorter in length for those who like to ride bikes in dresses!
What's the same?
• Twirly™ full circle skirts
• Reversible • Fun & vibrant prints
Try them with our NEW Undertwirls ™
(we've got you covered for high flyin' twirlying!)

Spinderella - The Long Sleeve Dress

Have arrived
•4 different soft and silky textures, combined with contrasting prints - make this dress a work of art to wear.
•Twirly™ fun and unique.
•Try them with our Love Em Leggings to make this outfit pop - great for cool weather.

Original Reversible Twirly Dresses
We are the home of the ORIGINAL Reversible Twirly Dress™. Our quality and attention to detail combined with the love and care that goes into every creation is in a class all of it's own. This dress was our first creation has remained the heart of our company since 2007. If it doesn't say TwirlyGirl, it's not an ORIGINAL Reversible Twirly™ Dress. Happy Twirlying!
•Comfy, soft and of course very Twirly™
•Two dresses in one, flip for a new mood
•Each dress is a work of art - Only a limited number of each version is proudly made in the USA (Los Angeles, CA to be exact)

Trapeze Sweet Dot Mermaid


The TwirlyGirl Trapeze Dress
Light as air - fun to wear
NEW VERSIONS: Have arrived!
• Truly Twirly™
• Each dress comes with a silky, soft Bandana or Headband
• Made from silky, soft poly sateen - machine washable/tumble dry
• Stylish and vibrant prints make this the perfect Summer dress
This is one of those dresses that needs to be put on arms first rather than head first.


Hoppin Heather UnderTwirls™ Shorts

I got the Trapeze Sweet Dot Mermaid dress for my neice and oh my goodness it is so cute!!! I seriously think this has to be one of my favorite places to get a unique dress for a little girl. This dress comes with a matching headband and I got the Hoppin Heather Under Twirl shorts to go underneath.

Remember that there are many many different patterns for each style of dress. Just go to the web site and check it out! Not only do they have the shorts to go under the dresses, but they have capri pants to go with the dress if you want. This Site also allows you to come up with your own Patterns for a dress! One more thing worth mentioning about this site is that when they send you the dress they package it so nicely that you dont want to open it because it looks so nice.

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