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Saturday, June 25, 2011

CLOSED Giveaway: VivoDerm Anti Aging Mask

Vivoderm is devoted to using the best natural ingredients from around the world to create the best skin care line available. We have found answers to a wide variety of skin problems in combining nature and science.

Our company was founded based on the work of holistic dermatologist Dr H. Adhami. Over the years, he repeatedly found that many of the challenging dermatological problems he encountered in his practice could be solved with natural and herbal treatments. For many years he searched for potent and safe botanical remedies from around the world and then fused his discoveries with scientific methods.

Combining the genius of nature with science
At Vivoderm, we believe there is no greater healer, innovator and expert than nature. Over billions of years, plants have perfected the art of transforming water, nutrients and sunlight into therapeutic products. Hence, we draw from wisdom of ancient herbal remedies. We also believe in utilizing scientific advances to study and blend the best of natural ingredients. Our team of scientists and physicians has carefully researched each ingredient in our products for safety and potency.

We opt to use natural ingredients, and not chemicals. We harvest from renewable and sustainable sources in a responsible way. Our natural skin care products are safe for all skin types, for face and body, for women as well as men, and for the young as well as the young at heart.

Our unique products go beyond improving the physical appearance. They nourish, treat and protect. We invite you to devote yourself to a healthy, more natural lifestyle that includes daily use of our natural skin care products.

Our holistic, natural skin care products
At Vivoderm, we understand the importance of not resorting to harsh and potentially harmful ingredients in your skin care products. Skin care should be about true health - not punishing and shocking your skin. We opt to use natural ingredients, harvested from renewable and sustainable sources in a responsible way.

This holds true for our anti aging skin care line, our anti acne skin care line and all of our individual products. The Vivoderm natural cleanser contains vitamins A and E, Chamomile extract and Aloe Vera. It gently but effectively removes impurities and dirt while calming the skin naturally.

Anti-Aging Facial Mask - 100% natural, herbal and contains no preservatives or chemicals. Mask comes with convenient porcelain mixing bowl and scoop. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

This 100% herbal and natural mask is designed to wake up and invigorate your skin. Whether you have healthy and fresh skin that you would like to maintain or you suffer from damaged and dull skin, this is the mask for you. We have used the most powerful herbs found in nature, and we use the actual herbs. What this means for your skin is that it gets a boost of vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and anti oxidants every time you use it. It gives your skin what it needs to be firm, youthful and flawless. Fine lines, pores and discolorations begin to minimize, revealing a radiant and fresh complexion. The Anti-Aging mask contains vital ingredients that act as a natural skin lightener, reducing discolorations and age spots. Watch as your skin transforms before your eyes.
Mix 2 scoops (1 tablespoon) of mask powder with enough plain yogurt or Aloe Vera gel or water to make a paste. Apply to cleansed face and neck, leave for 10 minutes for dry, 15 minutes for normal and 20 minutes for oily skin. Remove with damp towel and rinse with cool water. Follow with Vivoderm Intense Moisturizer for dry skin or Zinc Repairing Facial Cream for normal to oily skin. Apply 2 to 3 times a week.

If you have been using other products which contain Retin-A, alphahydroxy acids or any other product which may have dried out or damaged your skin, or have had laser treatment, stop use. Use the Vivoderm Intense Moisturizer regularly for one week, twice a day before applying the anti aging mask. This mask will dramatically increase blood circulation to your face and redness and tingling may occur after it is washed off.

This product comes nicely packaged and you get a cute little bowl and wooden scoop to use. All of the products from Vivoderm are made through green energy and recycling. The mask itself is great to help nourish your skin with all natural ingredients. It makes your skin soft and smooth. It did not leave any redness or blemishes. It is fun to use this product because it makes you feel like you are at the spa.

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