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Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Bright Starts Dream Along Mobile

Bright Starts
At Bright Starts we strive to deliver fresh ideas that inspire a child's confindence & curiosity. Our family of products are born from our relentless dedication to bring you the highest quality, innovative, & relevent products possible. And we do it all so that it doesn't put a strain on your budget. Smiles, giggles, & happy babies are what really motivate us!

Bright Starts carries a variety of products for babies from birth to 18 months & up. Anything from mobiles to high chairs to toys! Another really awesome feature on Bright Starts website is a special area for new moms to help with knowing which products new parents may need for a new baby. Check out the Basic Checklist.

Dream Along Mobile
Bright Starts Dream Along Mobile creates a soothing environment for baby to drift off to sleep. It has five melodies and three silly sounds with continuous play and baby activated modes. The two plush butterflies and four spinning shapes captivate the babies. It has a large mirror for peek-a-boo fun and the detachable base can be used alone as a musical crib toy.

Birth & up. Babies drift off to sleep as they listen to the 5 melodies or watch the 8 hanging toys dangle from above. A large mirror will also stimulate and entertain baby. The base can convert to a crib toy for another use.

Product Features
~ Creates a soothing environment for baby to drift off to sleep
~ Five melodies and three silly sounds with continuous play and baby activated modes
~ Two plush butterflies and four spinning shapes captivate baby
~ Large mirror for peek-a-boo fun
~ Detachable base can be used alone as a musical crib toy

What I love about this mobile is the colorfulness which isn't too much. I know it's hard to see but the characters have really cool shapes that makes both the color & shapes pop. The songs are also really sweet & calming for a baby. I really like how they incorporated the mirror into the mobile where it latches onto the crib.
I almost forgot about a really cool part which is the price! For this mobile the price is a steal at $25! One concern I was reading on the reviews is the volume & the mobile being too loud. I personally don't think it's too loud because my son's bouncer was about as loud even on the lowest setting. He fell asleep so fast when the music was on so personally I don't think its a problem for the baby. But like another person said just place something in front of the speaker to make it quieter.
You can keep the mirror with the music & remove the mobile which is awesome. Most mobiles I have seen do not have this feature. The mobile also rotates which is great for babies to watch & soothe them to sleep along with the music. I personally think this mobile would be great for both girls & boys!
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I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


Shanna said...

Mobile's can be SO expensive! This sounds like a great one for $25...and I would pay $25 any day to help my kids get to sleep the way their mobile's did! :)

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