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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Clientele Peptide Hydration Cream

About: Clientele
Clientele products were once available only to the patients of a leading team of Dermatologists. All the formulas are developed with experts in the fields of Dermatology, Nutrition and Anti-Aging Research. For over 30 years, Clientele's philosophy has been to use the very finest  ingredients in the most effect amounts to produce visible and long term results. Some of thier formulas contain over 25 benificial ingredients for the skin, plus their exclusive ingredient- the Extract of the Sacred Lotus Seed.

UCLA Scientist prved the Lotus Seed defies aging and lives 1200 years, due to the presence of the first protein repair enzyme ever discovered. Clientele's Founder Dr. Pat Riley combines the skin beautifying Lotus with the most advanced ingredients, stressing a natural approach to nourishing the skin inside and out. She continues to be on the forefront of age defying nutritional and skin care formulations used by celebrities, doctors, and women who want highly effective products that produce visible results.
Clientele Peptide Hydration Cream
Moisture and regular exfoliation are two keys to smooth, soft, radiant skin. Clientele Labs formulated this advanced cream to do both - moisturize and gently exfoliate using botanical enzymes that speed cell renewal. Fresh, plump cells are coaxed to the skin surface, where they are bathed in a rich, nourishing complex of line smoothing botanicals and rejuvenating factors. Awaken to more beautiful skin. Clientele's exclusive patented Lotus reverses signs of aging, while Peptides decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Firms, refines skin texture, and improves vitality and clarity. Quickly absorbs into your skin. Non-greasy and light-weight formula.

Key ingredients:
Rigin a DHEA-like that helps skin act younger
Apple Skin polyphenol antioxidants increase skin's defenses against aging free radicals
Creatine energizes skin
Gogi Berry Extract contains complex phytonutrients and bioflavonoids
Mushroom Extract improves skins radiance and luminosity
Pumkin Enzymes - a natural exfoliator that increases cell renewal more gently than AHA's for radiant skin
Directions: Apply on clean skin or after serums. May be used day or night.

This cream makes your skin soft and smooth. It is nice to apply as it is not greasy or messy. I just started using this, but I am hoping that this helps to keep away wrinkles and lessens the ones I already have. You can get a 10% discount off of your retail purchase by entering in the promotion code "GLAM" on or by calling Clientele Direct at 800-327-4660.

Tatum here
I did a review last year for Clientele & the products are amazing
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BeautyToLove said...

Thanks for the Review! I had been wondering if this was a good product. Now I know it is, and there is a coupon to go with it! :)