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Friday, July 15, 2011

Back 2 School Bloggie Boogie Event

Visit to find the latest coupon codes

and deals for your favorite online

stores. Find out how SAMM can help you save and make moola.

Visit The WIC Project to find out more information plus to see all the great blogs involved!
My Sponsors Include the Following!
~ Otter Box
~ Energizer
~ New Zippies
~ Boogie Wipes
~ - BARBAR Eco 8000 Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer AVR $150
~ - $15 Gift Card
~ - $15 Gift Card
~ - $15 Gift Card
~ Herr’s Snack

~ (24 oz Pure and Create A Tag)
~ HK Anderson Pretzels
~ Road Kill T-Shirts
~ Skreened $30 gift code
~ Farm Rich
~ Funky Monkey
~ Kids-EEZE
~ SeaPak (review only)
~ iPod Shuffle Sponsored by Loffles
~ Bryan & Amie Artisan Foods
~ Nix Lice Treatment
~ Sunglass Warehouse
~ Luminess Air
~ Lunchopolis
~ Skinny Jeans


Megan said...

Am I missing how to enter this giveaway? I'm not seeing what I'm supposed to do to enter!

maryf said...

I need to know how to enter this one, don't see how on the blog anywhere

Helena said...

This is the link on the participating blog list. Where's your giveaway!

Angie said...


katklaw777 said...

What am I do I enter yours???

ewhatley said...

Assuming this is entry for your bts giveaway. That's a huge list of sponsors. Thanks.

mybeachylife at gmail dot com

Christina Coplan said...

I'll just leave a comment and hope to be entered? lol.
Crhstina Coplan