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Saturday, July 30, 2011

CLOSED Giveaway: Choice of Bag from Ark Clothes

About: Ark Clothes

What is Ark?
Ark is a retro inspired clothing and accessory line that aims at global domination and the enslavement of all those who don’t agree with our aesthetic and philosophy! Ark Industries began back in the dark ages, somewhere around 1995. Its founder, appropriately named, Noah’s, first foray into the clothing business was buying and selling second hand/vintage clothing while he was still a poverty stricken university student. Ark’s first products were clothing made from second hand fabric and also re-worked vintage clothing. From this experience, Ark developed its retro/vintage aesthetic which we have tried to maintain throughout the years.

The Aesthetics of Ark
We are inspired by the past and look towards past decades for our colors, graphics and even materials. Mind you, who doesn’t? We just try and do it better then the others. I guess we lean more towards the 70’s but lately have even had to embrace the 80’s and to our horror, we may even have to give the 90’s a chance (although what were they good for except long, greasy hair and flannel shirts- the horror). We try to get ideas and inspiration from all that was cool in the past and then put a bit of a twist on it, to give it a unique flavour. Some of our products you can even eat, they taste so good.

Ark Philosophy
Our philosophy or motto is that, we’re all in the same boat. This means we all inhabit this planet together. We are all fighting the forces of evil. We all want to look good while doing so. Actually, in all seriousness we would like to try and have fun and make cool products which people like and last long enough to, if not give to their children, then maybe to their not so cool friends when they are done with them. We like to work with people we like who are not jerks and we would like to try to be as environmentally and morally aware, as possible - yes we are aware the vinyl used to make our bags comes from oil..... we are very sorry about this!!. We try to balance our use of the dreaded crude by also creating products, wherever possible, from re-cycled materials. And lastly we aim to make things that people will cry over and steal money from their mother’s purses to buy

(we live in eternal hope!)

Ark Clothes has been recently described as a beautifully irreverent maker of fine bags and china. Ok not the second, but yes - bags and more. What more? Jackets. Yep. And babies. Well, not babies, onesies for babies. What's a onesie? Have a wild guess. Yep it's a one-piece toddler suit. We make those too, cool ones ya know. Wallets, women's clutch purses as well. All really cool stuff, so folk keep telling us.

Ark Wallets
Check out our classic wallets, these are so sweet most people are getting one of each! Don't miss out on our subtle sarcasm for your personal money-carriers :) Space to carry your travel card, and photos of your loved one(s), and cash to keep everyone happy... For the ladies (or yes, men who like handbags!) we have: The Handbag! Yep, check out our Clutch Purse Handbag! With removable straps, you can customize them however suits your fancy.

Ark Icon Punk Wallet

Keep your punk symbols close to your heart, or at least your bottom with our Icon Punk Wallet. Safety pins, anarco-punk icon, punk hair, and skull and cross seal the deal. Slim, trim, with double cash flap pockets, this wallet is not only punked, but comfy.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Rockit Run Dmc Retro 80s Wallet
"Devastating Mic Control" or "D for never dirty, MC for mostly clean." Whatever definition you choose, our Run DMC Wallet will inspire all kinds of envy. Featuring a red, white, and black graffiti graphic of the hip-hop legends, our wallet is perfect for every day. Slim, trim, with double cash flap pockets, this wallet is not only cool, but comfy.
Ark Reggae Icons Bob Marley Wallet

 Lion of Judah, Bob Marley's mug, the revolutionary fist, and the essential herb. Our Reggae Icons Bob Marley Wallet gives you all the symbols you need to pump Rastafarian pride. Designed on gold-tan with black and red reggae icons, this wallet is tough and comfortable, slim and trim, with double cash flap pockets. There's a velcro-sealed coin/condom flap, and two-sides of card-holders as well.

Ark Street Signs Retro Wallet                       

Here a sign, there a sign, everywhere a sign, sign. Our Street Signs Wallet will give you plenty to brag about without showing the contents within. Slim, trim, with double cash flap pockets, this comfortable wallet will show you all the signs you need.

Ark Graffiti DJ Wallet

When you pull this cool blue and black Graffiti DJ Wallet, it may be hours before you slide it back into your trousers. The graphics are mesmerizing. Slim, trim, with double cash flap pockets, this wallet is not only cool, but comfy.

Ark Skull Wallet

We guarantee you'll get lots of attention when you pull out this cool wallet with a white and beige skull silhouette. But, you'll have to explain it - poison, military, fraternity, or maybe you are just obsessed with Spanish cemeteries and pirates. Slim, trim, with interior double cash flap for your doubloons, not only does this wallet look awesome, it's super comfy.

 Ark Tree Wallet

Can't see the forest for the trees, eh? Well, at least you can keep track of your green with this brown and turquoise or black and white graphic Tree Wallet. With double cash flaps for your bills, this wallet is slim, trim, and won't make you feel the need to yell "timber" every time you sit on it.

Ark Revolution Wallet

Keep the Che and the revolution close to your, uh … cheeks. Our Revolution Wallet has the revolutionary icons you love. Double cash flaps for safeguarding your dead presidents with a sleek design that's easy on your keester.

Ark Monster Wallet

Our Monster Wallet is fraught with cool graphics with all kinds of scary things - UFOs, thriller helicopters and army fighters, scary heads and monsters, and more. Double cash flaps for your benjamins, slim, trim, and frighteningly comfortable. How many monsters can you find?

This Site ROCKS!!! I am in love with the retro styles this site has going on! There are many different items to choose from on this website, but the wallets themselves are great!!! When I received the Monster Wallet my husband and my 8 year old son started argueing over who was going to use it. The color combo of teal and brown go great together and really make the wallet stand out. There are many different holders within the wallet to seperate your money, cards, ect. It's like playing the game "I spy.... " when looking at the different monsters on the wallet.

One lucky winner will receive their choice of Bag

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Thank You for entering my Giveaway!!! By your Support of Entering & Commenting I am able to bring you Great Products....I read every Comment & truly enjoy reading your thoughts about a product. I especially love when you make me laugh.