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Thursday, July 21, 2011

CLOSED Giveaway: Luminess Air

Luminess Air
Luminess Air was developed by leading makeup artists from the fashion, print, television and film industries along with cosmetic chemists and colorists. Our Luminess Air formulators and cosmetics designers have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and have run the research and development departments of some of the leading cosmetics brands in the country. Our formulations are rated amongst the best makeup in terms of quality, result and design.

Luminess Air never tests products on animals. We believe in making our cosmetics as simple, holistic, organic and natural as possible. And you will never find us sitting still; our designers and formulators are constantly working on the next generation innovation to revolutionize the cosmetic industry.

Today, Luminess Air is the leader in airbrush cosmetics with the most advanced airbrush cosmetics formulations and airbrush innovations. Chances are that you have seen our product on Hollywood A-listers, films, TV shows, covers of major fashion magazines, runway shows, network television anchors and celebrities for a while now without ever knowing about Luminess Air. We were once only available to the trade by word-of-mouth but today, Luminess Air is available for everyone.

Furthermore, Luminess Air and its founders have a strong sense of responsibility and giving back to communities, organizations and causes, which help those in need. Luminess Air strongly supports UNICEF and other children's causes along with various breast cancer and women’s health organizations. We believe that everyone should have one more chance!

Airbrush Makeup

We don’t want to sound brash but airbrushing on makeup is light years ahead of conventional makeup systems like dry powders and liquid foundations systems. You may have also heard of someone who spent up to $500 for a single airbrush makeup session. You may have heard of airbrush makeup for brides and airbrush cosmetics for the stars. Airbrush was once for the elite, but now it is available for home use for anyone. Airbrush systems are versatile, you can airbrush on your foundation, blush, bronzer, body makeup, and body sprays. And then you can also airbrush on temporary hair highlights, tattoo cover cosmetics, skin tanning and so much more.

Airbrush systems in the past have been very difficult to use, expensive and hard to get. Luminess Air changed everything with the innovation of the first Pro-consumer based airbrush system. Luminess Air™ airbrush systems feature a highly precise airbrush stylus, air compressor and makeup. Many systems in the past could cost over $1,200 each. Luminess Air™ broke the price barrier by introducing everyone to Airbrush cosmetics at about 1/6th the cost. One use and you will instantly know that this is not a “fad” or “gimmick!” It really is better than you can imagine, and you will understand the amazing value Luminess Air brings to you.

How does airbrush makeup work?
Airbrush makeup is sprayed on through the Luminess Air stylus as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Spraying micro-dots of Luminess Air makeup on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because it glides smoothly over your skin's surface and doesn’t exaggerate the pores. This process allows the Airbrush makeup to conceal better while enabling your skin to breathe.

How is airbrush makeup different?
Traditional foundations can look obvious, caked-on or thick and always feel like you are wearing makeup. Airbrush makeup leaves a light, seamless blend of color over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face while allowing your true skin tone to show through. The ability to mix Luminess Air Airbrush foundation colors for individual custom blends is unsurpassed, resulting in the most natural look that covers any of your skin imperfections.

OMG the look of airbrush is so much more natural looking than the normal everyday makeup. The finish is smooth & so even that it's hard to even tell that you have makeup on. Also it blends really well where as most makeup you have that line that you just can't get right.

The airbrush system is also extremely easy to use. I was worried that I would get it in my hair or eyes but because of the pinpoint spray which makes it almost impossible. The spray is super accurate but you do have to pay attention to where you are spraying. But be careful because the more you pull back on the little button thingy the more preasure you will get.

I also received the moist primer which is a must have to make your makeup application 100x better. I personally have never used primer or any type of moisturizer before trying Luminess. The only thing I can say is wow what a difference it makes.

With a little practice & some patience you can get the application perfect. It's one of those things you have to play with to get perfect. But don't get me wrong it's not that hard to get the hang of it. It's more or less how you want your makeup to look.

It's also very important to clean your brush out inbetween the application such as eyeshadow & blush. You also want to make sure you go slowly to get a more even look. I also love how the different bottles have little balls in them to make sure they are mixed evenly kind of like nail polish!

I wasn't sure if I would be able to perfect my makeup application before I received my brush. This brush is not only fun but after playing with it for a while I got it down in no time. But everytime I use the brush I find new tips & new ways to apply my makeup. Every person has different types of skin & problems so with this brush you can perfect your complexion.

Another comcern I had was looking like a clown (hahahaha). I was afraid that my makeup would be "caked" on & have the look of that. Like I said before this is natural looking & very smooth looking.

If you have skin blemishes from acne I would really recommend that you try this product. Because not only does it do an excellent job in covering up trouble areas but it also is so much cleaner. It's so much more sanitary than using the same makeup brush over & over.

Airbrush Myth
Am I going to spray makeup into my eye or on my hair or clothes?
Virtually impossible, Airbrushing is not like spraying out of an uncontrollable spray-can. Airbrushing gives very precise delivery of makeup and it only goes on when you gently touch the stylus application button. Did you know that the Luminess Air™ patent pending airbrush system blows air comparable to that of a whisper? The secret to airbrushing is the intense control of air.

Why Use Luminess Airbrush
~ Does not cake like conventional makeup
~ Minimizes the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and pores
~ Restores the look of  radiant, young skin
~ Weightless makeup that never looks fake
~ Blends with your skin for a seamless color match

Trusted by dermatologists because it eliminates the cross-contamination that makeup brushes and
sponges can cause
Thanks to the wonderful people over at Luminess I received the following product to try out!
Professional multi-speed airbrush system with three professional pre-programmed air speed modes: L-light for hair and eyebrows, M-for face and neck and H-for body including legs and arms.

It also includes:
Starter Kit: 4 Foundations, Make Up System Cleaning Bottle, Blush, Bronzer, Glow and Primer!

This is the perfect gift for any girl who loves makeup! In fact my mom is considering buying one for my niece who also loves makeup. I showed my mom the ins & outs & she was very impressed. Now she wants me to spray her & I can see her buying one for herself. This is one product that people see & totally fall in love with.

Products such as the Luminess Air is one of the very few products I got so excited about. I give this product a huge A+ & I recommend it & this is the perfect gift!

One lucky person will win the Lip Gloss Trio a $60 value!


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