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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: FunkyChunky Snacks

About: Funky Chunky
Taste the difference, you’ll immediately notice the freshness in our products that sets us above the rest. Why? Because quality is at the foundation of everything we do. All of our gourmet snacks are artisan-crafted from premium ingredients – real butter, whole glazed nuts, crunchy popcorn and pretzels, all in small batches. Delivered at the peak of freshness, these ultra-decadent gourmet confections taste as mouth-watering good as they look. Indulge clients, family, friends and yourself in the richness of FunkyChunky. For any occasion and celebration – office parties, family gatherings, birthday parties - there is a size and assortment perfect for everyone’s taste. Your clients, family and friends will appreciate you indulging them with sophisticated gifts which are perfect for any holiday or occasion.

Each flavor is as delicious as it is memorable, which is why FunkyChunky is called the “ultimate chocolate indulgence.” Enjoy knowing that we put love and care into every batch of FunkyChunky. This attention to detail extends from when your order is placed, crafted, and shipped. You have high standards and we guarantee to exceed them with our service, quality and commitment. You'll also enjoy the big "thank you!" from clients, friends and family you are sure to get from every gift of FunkyChunky you send.

At FunkyChunky, we LOVE chocolate covered pretzels (think the eat, breathe, sleep kind of love). For over 10 years we have made it our mission to perfect the chocolate covered pretzel. This is why we offer chocolate covered pretzels in so many varieties.

From our Signature Chocolate Covered Pretzels - salty pretzels layered with buttery caramel, chopped pecans three kinds of rich chocolate – dark, milk and white, broken into perfect snack size chunks. Also available are whole Chocolate Covered Pretzels – whole fresh pretzel twists, dipped in caramel then rich chocolate and finished with mouth-watering tasty toppings. Our newest flavor Chip-Zel-Pop combines salty potato chips, crunchy pretzel sticks and our signature caramel corn- loaded with chocolate and more caramel. And finally, Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzels -similar to Signature Chocolate Covered Pretzels, these pretzels have peanut butter drizzle and salted, chopped peanuts.

With four different varieties of chocolate covered pretzels, it is easy to enjoy the sweet and salty flavor you LOVE! Having a National Pretzel Day is a good thing, but such an insanely delicious snack (which could be it’s own food group) deserves an entire month! Order your chocolate covered pretzels today to celebrate! Cheers!

FunkyChunky sent us the following delicious snacks to try out!

Chip-Zel-Pop Features:

- Perfect size for any occasion.
- Artisan-crafted by people not machines.
- Contains 8 servings.
- Re-sealable canister.
- No preservatives or trans-fats.
- OU-D Kosher.

The Mouth-Watering Details:

- Crispy potato chips and crunchy pretzels
- Combined with our signature fresh, buttery caramel popcorn.
- Drizzled with chewy caramel
- Topped with layers of three chocolates: dark, milk & white.

- Artisan-crafted by people not machines.
- Contains 8 servings.
- No preservatives or trans-fats.
- Re-sealable canister.
- OU-D Kosher.
The Mouth-Watering Details:

- Thick, crunchy pretzels with tons of chewy caramel.
- Rich layers of three chocolates: dark, milk & white.
- Topped with chopped, fresh roasted pecans

The only word I can think of when describing the products from FunkyChunky is addicting! I love pretzels but add chocolate plus caramel it becomes pure heaven! Another great feature is that they do not skimp on chocolate or any other toppings. The ingredients are very fresh & the quality top notch.

This is the perfect gift for anyone or any occasion! I know several holidays are coming up & these snacks are perfect for any type of party or get together! Coupon Code: “ChocolatePretzels” (all one word) for 10% off your entire order!

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I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


Tamara B. said...

OMG these look so delicious and I too just love chocolate covered pretzels!

Amber said...

Wow, these look so good. I love the salty/sweet combo and LOVE that they have dark chocolate!

JMyers666 said...

Artisan-crafted chocolate covered pretzels should be a mainstay in everyone's house!

Kellie Conklin said...

The chip-zel-pop sounds so good and I can see this being a great conversation piece at my next party! I love that they are hand crafted by people and that they have such an awesome variety! Thanks for the review!

Heather! said...

Wow, these look and sound good! I love mixing different tastes and textures. I need to check their products out, I think! :)

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