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Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: geoGirl

This school year, KIR (keep-it-real) with the kewl-est back-to-school essentials around! Whether it’s during homeroom notes, lunch gab sessions or soccer practice-prep, the following TOP FIVE GOTTA-HAVE-IT items from geoGirl will ensure instant “head of class” status. So glow-ahead, kick off the school year right and always remember, URA*.

The very kind people over at GeoGirl sent me a nice selection of products to try out! I was pleasently suprise to really enjoy their products plus the price is unbeatable in my opinion! I also love that the products are super cool for tweens & teens!

geoGirl F2F (Face2Face) - Moisturetint SPF 15
Stay focused on taking A+ biology notes and not on skin with this lightweight, non-oily moisturizer. Formulated with natural chamomile to keep skin calm and smooth, this dermatologist tested skin-protecting hydrator offers a perfect glow that’s never fake, icky or cakey.

geoGirl GR8 (Great) - Lip Shine
Add a little punch 2 lips with this sheer, yummy color. The top-selling Pomegranate hue protects lips with beeswax, natural green tea and vitamin e and it stays put for a long-lasting hint of tint so you can talk and text on the l8-est & gr8-est must-have phone without re-applying. (But of course, only after the final bell has rung!)

geoGirl KEWL (Cool) - Skin Refresher
Keep kewl, calm and collected throughout the day with this easy to use skin refresher that provides an instant “pick-me-up” and controls shine without any water. Infused with natural rosemary & mint plus witch hazel to soothe, cool and matte-ify, this is one item that is a must have for every eco- friendly book bag!

geoGirl VBS (VeryBigSmile) - Lip Gloss
Give lips something super 2 smile about. The juicy Tutti Frutti shade offers just a hint of sparkly color that tastes as delish as it smells. Packed with Pomegranate extract, beeswax, jojoba seed oil it provides essential hydration and conditioning to lips. (p.s. don’t forget to keep a re-fillable eco-waterbottle on hand to stay hydrated and healthy too!)

geoGirl ES (EraseScreen) Cream Concealer - Cover Stick, Light Nature
This creamy, derm-tested concealer hides blemish emergencies as quickly as last nights homework disappears from the dry erase board!  Natural calendula soothes and calms 4 a no makeup look. Bonus: Pulled an all night study sesh? It’s also gr8 for covering dark under eye shadows.

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


swedEnesefamily said...

Okay, do you have to be in school to use these products :) I really need a new beauty regime.

Janet W. said...

These products have such cute packaging!! Would love to try it!