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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: NuMe 4 Play Four Part Pro Tourmaline Curler Set

NuMe offers a Nu Style, a Nu Change and a Brand Nu You!

After working closely with stylists in the industry for over a decade, we've taken everything we've learned to deliver the highest quality products for the most incredible results.

We've created products that will revolutionize your everyday look. We understand how frizzy and unruly hair can change the way our customers feel. Hair is truly transformational and the good news is, unlike the other features we're born with, it can actually be transformed into the silkiest, most gorgeous styles.

It's all about breaking new ground while staying smart and, above all, staying committed to the best quality the industry can offer. We're combining time-tested techniques with innovations to craft the ultimate styling tools for quick and easy long lasting styles, transforming your hair to any stunning look.

We give our customers the most beautiful hair they've ever dreamed of. By understanding the needs of our customers, we take pride in the fact that we can deliver professional quality styling products which embody individuality, creativity and elegance. We created NuMe in order to make these discoveries accessible to all salons, stylists and individuals around the world.

If you are just a normal girl trying to make your hair awesome or a stylist you have to check out NuMe! They have not only put together fabulous products but also trends & videos! I am always trying to keep up on the latest trends & keep my hair looking great! I do admit that my hair styling is not the best but I try :)

I am lucky enough to have the best hair stylist ever! She knows exactly what I want & how to make sense out of my mess that I explain to her! But I have learned through blogging that the tools you use makes or breaks how your hair looks! I have been lucky enough to try out several different tools & brands. Each brand sets the bar higher for me!

I was sent the following product to try out!
NuMe 4 Play

Curls Curls Curls, If you are in need of small curls, big curls, tiny curls or HUGE CURLS the 4 Play is your Iron, One iron to curl them all. It's truly innovative design turns one curling iron into 4.

It's digital controls make it simple to set the right tempuarture for any hair type.

Exlusive to the 4 Play is the mini reverse wand 13mm to 9mm curls, now that's tiny curls. The 4 Play also has our most popular sizes 19mm and 25mm as well as a new Large size of 32mm.

Now you have the freedom to curl your hair any way you want, all with just one tool.

~ Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates prevent dry and damaged hair
~ Negative Ion Technology reduces static and frizz for shinier, more manageable hair Rounded Barrels create curls or flips your hair
~ Heat Resistant Styling Glove
~ Heats up with in seconds, reducing wait time
~ Ergonomic design is easy to hold, handle and manipulate
~ Built-in converter handles dual voltage from 110v to 240v (you must purchase the country's proper plug adapter separately) Temperature: 410 degrees F

I love ceramic plates beacuse they make my hair extremely shiny & smooth down any fly aways! It did come with a glove but I didn't use it! This iron was really speedy when it heated up which makes it nice so I didn't have to wait forever! The design did make it very easy to use! I love the different size barrels for the perfect size curls!

Don't forget to enter the NuMe 4 Play Giveaway!

Comment on this post for an extra 4 entries into the giveaway!

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


swedEnesefamily said...

Wow, that is some serious looking equipment. I got my curling iron at the dollar store. It worked just fine for the few times I used it. I guess if you're into styling a lot then this would be a great item.

JMyers666 said...

I indeed am just a normal girl trying to make my hair awesome! Or at least presentable...I love that this comes with all the different sizes.

gnwg said...

I love that this curling iron has 4 different sized barrels so that you don't have to buy different curling irons for different looks. The Tourmaline plates to prevent damage sound great too. Thanks for the review!
ziggyga athotmaildot com

Diana R. said...

So I've wanted to try this kind of clipless iron for a while! But I haven't read any good or bad reviews - your review is the push I need.

I've never seen an iron with the different barrel sizes - talk about space saving!

This looks amazing!

e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ronalee said...

Interesting review. I have never heard of this, but I sure would love to see how it works on my hair. I have straight hair that doesn't keep a curl. I haven't even tried lately


James(and)AnneMarie said...

Great review! I have been looking into curling irons and this one has definitely sparked some new interest!

heat resistant glove said...

It was nice to receive many useful facts in this review.

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