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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Closed Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Lashem Lash Extention & Mascara

 About: Lashem
The Lashem brand was created to enhance natural beauty. It consist of preventative anti wrinkle products as well as lash extension and mascara that will wow your socks!

Description Our brand is all about incorporating a natural beauty regime to your every day life! Each product is fast acting, making them the best go-to beauty products. Our anti-aging formulas help to remove the signs of dark circles, wrinkles, weak and brittle hair, and lack of radiance in the skin. It's all about the eyes!

Use the whole product line to help enhance skins glow, elasticity, and radiance. Each product is made to condition your skin and eyelashes without the cause of irritation or redness. The Lashem product line is formulated and bottle in the U.S.A. and are not tested on animals. Try the best quick fix, fast acting products on the web, today!
Be Picture Perfect and wrinkle free from day-to-nightINSTANTLY! Picture Perfect is sure to turn heads with a formula made to lift skin instantly for a short term effect. The slight tingle will awaken the skin and help appear years younger! It will also increase wrinkle reduction for long term effects. Vanish those stubborn lines and wrinkles with Picture Perfect! Forget Botox, use natural ingredients made to enhance your natural beauty for an irresistible Picture Perfect look. 

◦Treatment driven formula that creates instant lift and fill in fine lines. 
◦Designed to treat short and long term effects on wrinkle reduction. 
◦Hydrate and brighten complexion to reduce signs of aging. 
◦Contains natural ingredients and paraben free formula. 
◦QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients delivers deep into the epidermis. 
◦Improve overall texture of skin by increasing production of collagen and elasticity. 
◦Protect and reduce tissue damage caused by environmental stress. 
◦Silver airless bottle keeps the integrity of the formula and avoid contamination. 

I am starting to use this in the mornings before I apply makeup. I do notice a slight tingling sensation upon application. I then feel stiffness on the skin around my eyes where I applied it. It is fragrance free and is non-greasy. Hopefully this lotion will help keep the crow's feet from getting worse!!

Say bye-bye, so long to dark and puffy circles around your eyes! Brighten your beautiful eyes with our 3 in 1 Eye Bright formula made to help decrease puffinessand reduce appearance of dark circle. Why use over the counter creams when 3 in 1's natural ingredients and a paraben FREE formula is a sure to help do the job! Don't wake up with sad, droopy eyes, brighten up with 3 in 1! 

◦Decrease puffiness and helps reduce melanin production.
◦Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles 
◦Prevent future damage to the area around the eye. 
◦QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients delivers deep into the epidermis. 
◦No skin irritation.
◦Balance cells: stimulates circulation and increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells.
◦Improve overall texture of skin by increasing production of collagen and elasticity. 
◦Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
◦Silver airless bottle keeps the integrity of the formula and avoid contamination. 

Oh My Goodness!! This is the stuff I have been waiting for!! I have the worst problem with dark circles under my eyes! I get them with lack of sleep, if I am sick, if I have been crying....pretty much all the time. It is hard for me to cover them with make up because I have fair skin. I can instantly tell a difference after applying 3 in 1 bright to my eyes.

One Lucky winner will receive their own Lashem!

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Thank You for entering my Giveaway!!! By your Support of Entering & Commenting I am able to bring you Great Products....I read every Comment & truly enjoy reading your thoughts about a product. I especially love when you make me laugh.