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Friday, January 20, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Licenders "Essentials" Lice Kit $65

Licenders is a professional service for the safe screening and removal of head lice, using 100% natural products. Licenders has been helping families, schools, camps, and physicians get rid of head lice for over 15 years. Our lice removal services are designed to get your child back in school the same day. We offer house calls, and we have lice treatment centers in New York and Connecticut.

With a team of 60+ highly trained professionals and a non-toxic natural comprehensive product line, Licenders has established itself as the premier lice elimination brand in New York City and the surrounding areas.

Adie Horowitz, the founder of Licenders, is a mother who felt like she had nowhere to turn when her children were diagnosed as "having lice." As an informed mother, Adie insisted that there must indeed be alternative methods for removing lice without using the highly toxic products that were in the marketplace.

With significant research, Adie created her own lice removal process and product to handle her problem. Within three months, Adie's services were in such high demand by mothers that had heard of her lice removal success that she was faced with the need to open a business to help others in need. With a recent resurgence of lice throughout Europe and the US, Adie's company, Licenders, has ridden an enormous wave of success since 1996.
This kit includes Lice Shampoo, Natural Oil, Lice Repellent, the Licenders Metal Lice Comb, 1 small towel, 2 hair clips, and instructions for treatment.

Our Lice Shampoo is gentle, all natural, and hypoallergenic. Our clinicians use this shampoo to treat tens of thousands of children each year. It contains natural enzymes which kill the lice on contact. Apply 1 to 2 ounces of shampoo to the hair. Work up a good lather. Comb out the lice and nits while the shampoo is in the hair.

Licenders Natural Oil greases the hair, and stops the lice from feeding and laying nits. This provides additional protection, just in case the shampoo did not come in contact with all of the lice. Before putting your child to bed at night, spray the hair a few times and lightly massage the oil into her scalp. You do not need to saturate the hair with the oil. If you don't want to get any oil on the bed linen, you can put a towel underneath the child's head.

Licenders Natural Repellent is made with all natural ingredients. Lice hate the smell and stay away. Spray the nape of the neck, behind the ears, and on the wrists. Use the repellent daily. This bottle contains enough repellent for sixty days, and it fits in the palm of your hand.

The Licenders Metal Lice Comb has teeth which are very close together, enabling it to remove ALL of the nits. Lice shampoo does not kill the nits. The job of the lice comb is to thoroughly comb out all of the nits. Most other lice combs on the market will fail to get out all of the nits. If the nits are allowed to remain behind, they will quickly hatch into lice. The Licenders Comb fits comfortably in your hand. It can be sterilized and reused.
This kit literally has everything you need to help your kids get rid of or keep the lice away! It's all in one little bag to keep everything together! As parents, we now how hard it is once the kids get lice to get rid of & keep them away. We also know how embarrassing it is for the kid when they get sent home from school with lice.

Another very important fact I did not know was how essential the lice comb is to treating lice. The repellent is also a great product to have on hand especially when you know there is a lice outbreak or even before!

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