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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Wholly Guacamole and Hormel Natural Choice

About: Wholly Guacamole

In 1989, Dallas restaurant owner, Don Bowden began searching for a pre-made guacamole to serve in his Mexican restaurants. It had to be fresh-tasting and all-natural. The problem is that avocadoes start to brown as soon as you cut them open. He knew that solving this problem without using lots of additives and preservatives would not be easy. But to know Don is to love him; and if you know Don you know he doesn’t do anything the easy way. He does it the right way.

In his search, Don discovered High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. It’s a process of preserving foods through the use of high-pressure water rather than with heat or chemicals and is used in the preservation of some meats and vegetables. With guacamole, the end product is a completely 100% all-natural, fresh tasting product that can be refrigerated for weeks and frozen for months. The salt in our product is used for flavor only. The HPP technology is also the reason our product is able to retain the same great taste, texture and natural vitamins while ensuring the highest level of food safety.

When Don helped HPP evolve in to what it is today, the process became known as “Fresherized”. Today, FRESHERIZED FOODS, home of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE®, is the world’s largest user of HPP.

Today, Don’s vision and drive is alive and well. WHOLLY GUACAMOLE is the United States’ best-selling brand of pre-made guacamole. We sell over a million and a half boxes each month through retailers like Walmart, Safeway, Costco and more. We’re also so proud of the consumer awards that line our hallways. We’re so proud of each award because we know people recognize our commitment to quality and great taste.

In 2009, we added WHOLLY SALSA®to our family. And then in 2010 we added WHOLLY QUESO®. And this is just the beginning.

Each package of guacamole, salsa and queso is made with the same principles that Don Bowden devised 25 years ago. Like our founder, we’re dedicated to providing the best product possible. We use real Hass avocados and natural ingredients that don’t include preservatives, artificial flavors or heat treatments. Our goal? To give our consumers made-from-scratch flavor and ready-to-eat convenience.
Wholly Guacamole® Classic

If you like the good things in life, you’ll love our WHOLLY GUACAMOLE Classic flavor. With just the right amount of spice and garlic, it’s sure to thoroughly satisfy even the choosiest guacamole lover! What people love most about our product is what’s MISSING!
What you won’t find is additives, preservatives, gluten or transfats. Our guacamole is all natural with 20 vitamins and minerals in every portion. And we promise not to tell the kids if you don’t! Perfect for parties, great with dinner or lunch, delicious as a snack!
Whether you put it directly in the bowl and serve it or add a little cilantro and tomatoes and pass it off as your own, we’ve got you covered. Go beyond the bowl by using WHOLLY GUACAMOLE on sandwiches, salads, breakfast burritos or whatever your favorite dish might be.

I really enjoy this guacamole!!! It is already prepared to use with no mess and no mixing of extra ingredients. My favorite flavor is the spicy guacamole. This brand is so fresh and it comes in serving size portions! I personally like to put this on my sandwiches and also to dip with chips. It is an easy healthy food to put in the kid's lunch boxes!
Speaking of making sandwiches...... I love to use Hormel's meat slices with the guacamole to make prize winning healthy meals. Hormel Natural Choice products are: 100% natural with no preservatives, Gluten free, No nitrates or nitrites added, No artificial colors or flavors, and no MSG added!

About: Hormel
Since 1891, the name Hormel has been synonymous with quality, value and innovation.

Our founder, George A. Hormel held a strong commitment to quality, which was based on providing his customers a superior product that would keep them coming back for more. This vision is kept alive with products that retain the quality and flavor of the first products he offered. Today, our innovative products are a flavorful part of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and party solutions—all created with convenience in mind to accommodate the busy schedule of you and your family.

From the beginning, George was concerned about waste and cleanliness in the process of making great food products. In keeping with his high standards, Hormel Foods has been recognized for quality, safety and employee training. As a responsible steward of the environment, we have set goals to reduce the impact we have on the environment we all share. In addition, Hormel Foods is active through the Hormel Foods Charitable Trust, which focuses its community giving on education, hunger and health.

 I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


Tara Oliver said...

I love Wholly Guacamole, but have never tried their other products. I will now after reading this. thank you! and wow, I had no idea they went back to 1891. that's amazing! thanks for the review!

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

I have never tried either product but after reading this post I think I will have to try them. I especially like that the lunch meat has no preservatives.