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Saturday, February 25, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: TriTective

Educational Insights
Based in Southern California, Educational Insights, is the manufacturer of playful products with serious educational value, including subject-specific classroom products, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. Our products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that, first and foremost, learning must be fun.

I was sent the above game to try out! I persoanlly haven't played this game with the kids yet but Tim has! This is a simple game with a purpose & it gets the kids really thinking! He said he thinks this is a good game to play at home or in school with a small group of students. Below I have included a description from the website!
The 3-letter mystery game!
Race to crack the case using only 3-letter words! This mystery word game includes 100 spy cards featuring 3 words each in metal storage tin. For 2 or more players. Grades 5+
How to Play:
1. Choose a player to be the spy and have the spy choose a mystery word card.
2. Players take turns reading words from their cards aloud to find out how many letters their words have in common with the spy’s mystery word.
3. Using their super sleuth powers of deduction, players determine the 3 common letters on the mystery card.
4. The first player to guess the 3-letter mystery word wins the round!

One very lucky person will win their own TriTective Game!

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