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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Closed Giveaway: Olasonic USB Speakers

When I'm cooking up a storm I love to either listen to music or watch TV! I prefer listening to my own music rather than a music channel on tv because to be honest sometimes the music isn't the greatest! My laptop doesn't have the greatest speaker system & it's barely tolerable! So when Tatum asked me if I would like to review these awesome speakers I jumped right on it!

I love the look of these little guys & they are small enough I can fit everything on my countertop without taking up a ton of room. They are simple & very easy to use/install. I did have to tweek the controls a little but it wasn't hard to get it right. I listen to music that has a good amount of bass so I had to turn the volume down some so the sound wasn't distorted.

Since I can't begin to explain the technology, I have included information from the website.

Simple USB-only Connection
Featuring plug-and-play compatibility with PC and Macintosh personal computers using a single USB cable, the TW-S7 installs automatically without the need for special drivers or software. Personal computers generally support high-fidelity sound reproduction that most speaker systems were not designed to handle. The TW-S7 employs direct transfer of digital audio signals over the USB interface to minimize added noise and distortion in order to reveal the full potential for a personal computer to deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction.

This is what makes us people with no technology sense say "thank you".

Requires no electrical outlet; delivers 10W+10W output on USB bus power alone.

Robust bass reproduction is essential for heartfelt musical enjoyment. The compact form factor of the TW-S7 conceals a 60mm diameter long stroke speaker unit and jointly co-developed passive radiator positioned along the same axis. This passive radiator employs bass resonance to provide acoustic bass reinforcement.

Audio reproduction with sharp position and clear sound field.
For PC speakers, the listening point is generally 50cm closer than in a standard listening environment. For such near field listening, a sharp sound point is particularly important. The low diffraction, elliptical shape of the TW-S7 provides an ideal point source that faithfully reproduces the position and depth of musical instruments. Additionally, a diffuser employed along the front axis improves orientation by scattering high-range sounds to achieve reproduction of a sharp position and clear sound field.

High Quality silicone Insulator Stands

High-quality silicone insulator stands not only absorb base vibration, they also allow for fine-tuning of the angle of orientation to ensure an ideal stereo listening environment.
 Wasn't really sure what these things were for when I first saw them on top of the rest of the stuff. But they work great for holding the speakers. Plus they look really good!

Results - I love these speakers & I like the fact they are super easy to install (well plug into the computer). They sound great & look great! I would highly recommend if you are looking for a great pair of speakers!\

To enter this Giveaway Visit My Smokin' Kitchen Olasonic Giveaaway

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.