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Saturday, March 31, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Chatman for Kids 6+ ($74.99)

What is Chatman?
A child’s talking, feeling, moving computer friend for everything they do online, providing fun, social skills, homework help, and safety.  Just plug Chatman into a computer with the built-in USB cable (no batteries or power cord required), download the software CD, and log into with the provided access code to get started.

Product Features:
~ Chatman moves eyes, ears, and hands as well as talks using a built-in speakerphone and a unique LED mouth sync.
~ Chatman understands and expresses emotions like a real friend.
~ Kids can chat with Chatman directly -- he answers questions and initiates conversations.
~ Chatman listens to and participates in chats with friends on Facebook®, Skype™, and MSN® Messenger.
~ With over 2,000 stored phrases, Chatman knows English and recognizes more than 15,000 words.
~ Teach Chatman – Easily teach him words or create new chitchat actions.
~ Have fun with Chatman – Access over 1,000 games, cool videos and more.
~ Helps with homework – Ask him a question or browse for the answer. Chatman makes finding information online fun and easy.
~ Reminders – Keep birthdays, parties, tests, etc. organized to alert children of these important dates.
~ Download new chitchats and software features from

Chatman is safe:
~ Not a stand-alone chat platform so there’s NO STRANGER DANGER.
~ Alerts when inappropriate chat is exchanged on social networks.
~ Alerts when inappropriate web searches are attempted.
~ Optional safety features allow parents to:
~  Filter web browsing to safe websites only.
~ Ensure Chatman is not disconnected by kids and that he is up and running when they search and surf.
~ Receive reports of malicious content and dangerous websites that were accessed.
Right now at Toys R Us Chatman is on Sale for $49.99! The Regular Price is $74.99
Appropriate for children ages 6-12, Chatman talks, moves eyes, hands and ears, and has a unique animated LED mouth. Just like a friend, Chatman learns languages, context and mood, and expresses emotions. His personality is so real, it feels like he is alive!

In addition to providing education and fun, one of Chatman’s important features is the integration of parental controls that keeps a child safe online. Chatman allows peace of mind for parents by working with and filtering a child’s online conversations on Facebook®, Skype™ and MSN® Messenger. Chatman alerts when inappropriate web searches are attempted and, since it’s not a stand-alone chat platform, there are no worries about “stranger danger”.
Chatman was created and developed by Rondyo co-founders Joseph Levy and Doron Frenkel with a goal of providing children with a computer device that would be entertaining, educational and safe. The result was Chatman, the next best thing to a real friend who is there for children when they are online, whether they’re playing games, searching videos, or doing homework, and keeps them safe from common internet hazards. Chatman’s migration to America follows its successful debut in Israel in 2010. North America distribution of Chatman will be handled by Atlanta-based Penny Black Digital in partnership with Israeli-based Rondyo Ltd,.
One very lucky person will win their own Chatman!

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