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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Kid Basix Safe Sporter 16 oz Water Bottle

Kid Basix
Creating a Mission Statement is often one of the first things a company undertakes. But as Guy Kawasaki said in his excellent book, The Art of The Start, "This process usually...results in exceptional mediocrity. Instead of a mission statement…craft a mantra for your organization."
So that’s what we did. Here it is:

Making kids' lives better.
This was the simple idea that drove the development of our first product, and it is the idea that will drive the products yet to come.

Simple ideas can make for ambitious goals. Our founder created The Safe Sippy™ cup because he knows how dangerous plastics are, and it drove him crazy that he was giving his two year old son water every morning in a cup made from toxic chemicals.
It is our goal that the future products from Kid Basix have the same simple singleness of purpose: Making kids’ live better.

I went with the following bottle for my youngest boy! I love the idea behind this company & I am always looking for better & safer products for our family! Below I have included the bottle I reviewed plus a brief description from their website & my own thoughts!
Safe Sporter 16 oz Water Bottle
A 16 ounce bottle of water costs about $2.00. It costs a quarter penny to fill up our 16 ounce Safe Sporter water bottle.

One of the easiest ways to save is to replace your bottled water with reusable, easy to recycle stainless steel water bottles. What kind of savings? Nearly $2000 per year for some families! And consider these other ways we can !rethink: SAVE:
  • Save our oil. One plastic water bottle takes 5 ounces of oil to make. The oil we waste making water bottles every year would power 12 million cars.
  • Save our water. A single plastic bottle can take 2-7 times the amount of liquid that bottle holds just to make the bottle in the first place. Water wasted worldwide every year? Almost one trillion gallons!
  • Save our environment. We recycle less than 15%. The rest end up in landfills, incinerators…or the ocean.
Save $2000 per family and the planet, too? Puts !rethink: SAVE in a whole new light.

The entire family of Kid Basix stainless steel drink ware – The Safe Sippy™ no-spill cup, The Safe Starter™ baby bottle and The Safe Sporter™ water bottles – was created in response to the growing body of emerging scientific evidence about the dangers of toxic chemicals used to make many plastics. It has been well documented that Bisphenol A (BPA) is the most worrisome of these chemicals, but other chemicals now being studied are now also cause for concern.

We chose stainless steel because it is clean, stable and durable. Because stainless steel is stable and inert, it does not interact with the foods and fluids it comes into contact with. So what you put in is what you get out. Stainless steel is also one of the most easily recycled materials on earth, making The “Safe” brand of drink ware a smart and green choice in a world trying to reduce plastic waste.

As you see from the above information using a reuseable water bottle is so much better not only for our health but also for the environment! Our family always take water bottles when we go walking on the trail! It gets fairly hot especially when we walk for a long time! But every time we leave the house we have water bottles in our hands. I prefer bottles such as Kid Basix but what's even better is the Safe Sippy which I highly suggest you check out especially if you have a child around that age!

One very lucky person will win their own Safe Sporter 16 oz Bottle!

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