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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: enFuso Gift Basket

For us, enFuso is a word that captures the essence of infusing; creating something new by adding a certain element or quality to change it is some way. We "change" olive oil by infusing it with the flavor of smoke. This means that the smoke flavor becomes an integral part of the olive oil, but the nature of the olive oil (viscosity, texture, underlying flavors, etc) doesn't change. The result is a unique food condiment for flavoring up your recipes.

enFuso is our TRADEMARK business name which is represented on our TRADEMARK hand drawn logo. This logo is a sign you can count on to mean hand crafted quality products that are unique but driven to affordability by staying focused on the product and not on hype.

The company is a smalll family owned business run out of the city of Los Alamitos in Southern California. Anne is the main operator leading all sales and marketing efforts as well as most of the operations. She is supported by Jonathan who is a long time food smoking expert and true foodie.

We are building enFuso from the ground up using personal resources and a passion for quality, food, and the art of smoking. Our goals is help you put our great products on your table as often as you desire.

The very nice people over at enFuso sent me two products to try out! First I want to say if you use products that are fresh you can actually taste it in your food. But using fresh products plus quality is in a whole other level in it's own. Below I have included the 2 products I received!
Smoked EVOO - Capay Blend Late Harvest (buttery)
We have now sourced a wonderful smooth Arbequina olive oil from the Capay Valley growing region that was a gold medal winner at the COOC certification tasting. It has rich olive flavor. By blending it with our traditional buttery oil from Central California we have produced a base oil that is still smooth but with more fruit flavor. This lovely oil makes a wonderful smoking base which has been a best seller. It has the more classic buttery flavor that many are familiar with and a milder finish. Because the base oil is milder, the smoke flavor comes out more, however the overall experience is a bit more user-friendly to some. As a result, many find it great for oil only dipping. Just add a bit of fresh ground pepper and some parmesan ... but make sure you have plenty of bread as it will go fast. It can also be used when you want a more buttery flavor to complement fresh/green flavors such as salads, green veggies, light fish, or veggie casseroles.
 18 year aged Modena Balsamic Vinegar Flavored with Capay Valley Fruit
The base balsamic was imported direct from the Modena region of Italy famous for its production of aged balsamics. This was made from high quality Italian grapes and aged for 18 years in three wood barrels. Every 6 years the balsamic is moved to a new barrel and reduced. The final result is a 60% reduction producing an extremly rich balsamic with syrupy constency. The fruit was harvested fresh from the Capay Valley where it was reduced to its flavorful essence and mixed with the balsamic. This unique combination of aged Italian balsamic and farm fresh fruit essences was produced and bottled by Capay farmers for enFuso. We are currently offering the following flavors:
  • Fig is earthy and pungeant
  • Pomegranate is sweet but tart
  • Strawberry tastes just like sweet strawberries!
  • Black Current has intense berry flavor and aroma
  • Elderberry's milder base is a 50/50 blend of white and dark balsmaic allowing the rich fruitness to be the star

I always love finding new products to cook with! But when I think of Balsamic I think of really good turkey burgers! Well I know what you're probably thinking balsamic & turkey burger yuck but this adds so much flavor plus it makes it very moist.

I used the buttery oil for my veggies on the grill & omg the taste was awesome! It's actually a very unique taste in my opinion! They also had a suggestion of using this on popcorn with some parmesan cheese! I will have to try this next time we get popcorn! I used the following recipe from the website!

Sprinkle over an artisan salad instead of dressing, such as a field greens, walnut and goat cheese salad or classic Caesar. Make a smoky vinagarette with balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and hint of Dijon.
Hands down one of the best dressings with such flavor! Awesome is the only description because what you think it would taste like it does.

For Strawberry I wasn't sure if it was going to work but I used it in brownies! It had a slight hint of strawberries & tasted perfect! Another idea I have is to use it in chocolate cake but we will see if it works out! I think this would make a nice strawberry vinegarette & this is next on my list to try! This is very full of flavor & it will make any salad taste great!

The Basket as shown above includes:
1. enFuso Smoke Infused California Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Late Harvest (Buttery Flavor)
2. enfuso Strawberry 18 year aged Balsamic Vinegar
3. capers
4. pimentos
5. stone ground mustard
6. Fresh Garlic
7. Silk flowers

The retail value is about about $65

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