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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Closed Giveaway: Dawgs Footwear

DAWGS Brand is a rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor specializing in high-quality and value-priced footwear. DAWGS strengths include the ability to design, manufacture and deliver EVA based footwear that has mass market appeal. North American offices are in Las Vegas, NV and in Saskatoon, SK, Canada!

The DAWGS Brand footwear label quickly became a leader in the shoe industry's evolution towards new comfort. DAWGS Brand's mission has and continues to bring a Foot's Best Friend to more and more happy people every day.
Features of our Brands

Highly Durable, non-marking, slip-resistant rubber outsole

Lightweight with low-impact heel

Anti-bacterial and odour-resistant

Ultra thick sole with excellent arch support

Massaging Foot bed


EVA materials for super comfort

Super Comfort toe piece


Removable liner

Premium items are individually boxed with carry handle

Most items come with convenient hanger for slatwall.

I am the person who always looks for shoes that are actually comfortable! I go through shoes like crazy & constantly complain that I hate my shoes. I do a ton of walking when the weather gets nice so I need some really good, comfortable shoes for my feet.

Another problem I have (well it may not be a problem) is that my feet are very small! Yes I have to shop in the girl's section for shoes. It's so hard to find boots that actually fit because I'm not wearing girl's boots. This problem is annoying but it does save since kid's shoes are cheaper than women's shoes.

The very wonderful people over at Dawgs sent me the below shoes to try out & love! I have included information from their website plus my own opinions below. Please remember I am extremely picky when it comes to shoes :)
These shoes are not only comfortable but they look good! I have a thing for Lime Green & I was super happy when I saw these! I have fat feet so the shoes can expand to the perfect size for anyone's feet! The strap above is adjustable!
As you can see my feet stay very cool & the shoes are extremely light! Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest I had the 8 year old take them! But he did a good job!

As you can see from the inside the shoes are so comfortable it feels like my feet are getting massaged! The little holes keep my dawgs as cool as possible plus not as stinky!

Women's Dawgs Spirit Features
High stabilizing heel cup helps stabilize the foot and ankles against injury and strains.
Thick cushioning heel absorbs shock and impact, reducing foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.
Integrated molded arch support helps prevent fallen arches and Plantar Fasciitis.

Women's Dawgs Spirit Features
Comfortable foot bed allows the foot to 'breathe', helping prevent bacterial foot infection and diseases.
Supportive uppers stabilize the foot and help reduce pronation and suppination.
Cooling ventilation holes.
Strong but soft EVA molds to the shape of your foot for increased comfort and incredible support.

Below I have included a picture with the features pointed out for you!
These shoes hands down are the most comfortable shoes I have yet to wear! They are super light & really nice looking! They support my feet so that they don't hurt & my legs don't hurt either! If you are looking for shoes that support & look great then these are the perfect shoes! Worth every penny!

One very lucky person will win their own Women's Dawgs Spirit in choice of size & color!

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