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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: The Spice Lab - Sea Salt Collection

The Spice Lab
Natural sea salts are smoked with real wood. All of our smoked salts are 100% natural, no additives, flavorings or chemicals are added. They are really smoked over real woods or coconuts and limes.

If you like to cook outside, or smoke your food, these salts are for you. We have the best smoked salts in the world. Use them while you are cooking or just before serving. The wood smoked salts are perfect for meats, chicken, pork and even fish. Yes Fish. Your trout will taste like you cooked it on the bank of a brook in Montana. The coconut and lime is great on most any sea food.

I received the following salts & below I have included a picture plus brief description of the different salts! The Spice Lab offers over 180 different salts from 30 countries! The product line includes 180 jarred salts, 33 different salt collections & a selection of peppercorns & spice mixes! Products include salt plates, stones, lamps & shot glasses, salt cellars, spoons, jars & bath salts.
This Gourmet Salt Collection includes 5 of the best tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. These multi-pack samplers of salts are a great way to spice up your next meal, and are convenient to use and store. The collections are presented in affordable, portable, and decorative packages, perfect for kitchen countertops. They even comes with reference cards with detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy to create the perfect combination of flavors.

Finishing Salts Included in The Chili Head Collection:
Hot Ghost Pepper Sea Salt - Really HOT!!!!
Hot Habanero Pepper Sea Salt
Jalapeno Pepper Sea Salt
Asian Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt
Smoked Serrano Chili Sea Salt

These samplers are bound to make a great addition to anyone’s kitchen, and are practical gifts for chefs and cooks of all experience levels. From upscale restaurants to backyard barbeques, these products from The Spice Lab will definitely leave a lasting impression.
The Collections are housed in Pyrex test tubes with all-natural cork stoppers. The tubes sit in a handmade wooden base made from discarded shipping pallets.

I love to add different seasonings to make meals different! Not only are these spices awesome but they actually have flavor which is fresh! The Spice lab has so many different spices to choose from to satisfy anyone's needs! This would also make a great gift!

One lucky person will win a 5 tube Sea Salt Collection!

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