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Friday, May 11, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: cerra Sample Kit for Self Improvement 2 Winners

Individually, these concepts are each familiar thoughts. We all know the definition of awareness. We're used to being rewarded for our actions. When a pensive mood strikes, we spend some time in reflection.

But together, these three ideas become the meaningful mantra for Cerra™. It's the inspiration behind Cerra products and practices designed to help you achieve a greater balance from within.

It begins with Cerra, but it's a modality that can and will influence many areas of your life. Be Aware, Act and Reflect can help you experience more as you live in the moment, grow as a person and simply think, feel and live better.

It's a founding principle of many spiritual teachings. The Dalai Lama calls it "mindfulness." To Eckhart Tolle, it's "the power of Now." Awareness is the state of mind that allows you to recognize your own life as it is happening.

Though it sounds intuitive, awareness requires unique effort. As adults, we're often too busy grappling with the past or worrying about the future to notice the moment at hand.

But awareness comes naturally to children. Think of the last time you went on a walk with a child how they dawdled and explored along the way. Our younger counterparts are always in the moment, living in a state of heightened awareness.

Following their lead, we can achieve awareness and the resulting greater enjoyment in life. Take a moment to be aware and forge a stronger connection with the world around you.
The perfect way to try a number of cerra experiences - or share them with a friend - all at an outstanding value. The items come in a variety of the cerra™ Seven Intentions, so you can sample many of the scents and flavors.

Includes seven products: Keepsake Journal Notes, Dissolving Notes, Watercolor Pen, Sensory Oil in Creative Energy, 3 cerra™ Tea Bags, cerra™ Hand & Body Lotion, cerra™ Handbook!

Learn about The Seven Intentions

Most of you know I only say this every so often but I am super excited have the privelege to review products for Cerra! Not only do I love what the company is about but I also enjoy their products! As soon as I opened the box a scent hit me & the scent is seriously one of the best I have ever experienced before.

The sampler set is the perfect way to test out the products! My favorite was the sensory oil! I received the creative energy which is awesome! The oils are supposed to help you create balance & and support your journey of personal growth!

The Hand & Body lotion also had a wonderful scent. The dissolving notes with pen is also a cool idea. I have included a brief description below on why & how to use!

Dissolving Notes help you fully appreciate positive thoughts while allowing you to release negative ones. By writing down what’s on your mind and watching it dissolve away, Dissolving Notes become more and more helpful in dealing with your thoughts and feelings.
I really love when I find a company I fall in love with!  

2 very lucky people will win the sample kit as pictured above! a Rafflecopter giveaway