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Thursday, May 10, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Choice of Pillow Pet or Happy Napper from Coppin's Gifts

Coppin's Gifts
Coppin's Hallmark began in 1993 with one store in Logan, Utah. An online pioneer, Coppin's established its first online website in 1996.

Coppin's Hallmark has become one of the largest volume independent gift retailers in Utah and across the west (and online across the entire continental US). Coppin's has won awards, and top dealership status with many top gift brands including Precious Moments, Boyd's Bears, Willow Tree, Ty, Webkinz and more.

Coppin's Hallmark strives for 100% satisfaction and offers service guarantees on shipping, quality, and satisfaction on all of your purchases, so you can be assured that you will be happy and that your order will be fulfilled quickly and accurately, and if there is a rare mistake, we will make it right, quickly and fairly.
Over the years, Coppin's has added six other locations in Brigham City, Harrisville, Layton, Murray, and American Fork, Utah and Chubbuck, Idaho, and has been an online retailer through its own website, shared vendor sites and conducted online commerce through the Amazon and Ebay platforms. We will continue to bring extra features to Coppin's Hallmark Online over the next few months, so come back regularly.

Our goal is simple-To bring you the top gift ideas at industry leading low prices while providing fast and accurate delivery, every order.

Since one lucky person will receive their choice of either a Happy Napper or Pillow Pet I have included some information below about the products! I went with the below product & my son loves it! It's not only cute but more than I expected it to be!
Happy Nappers Penguin and Igloo Pillow
Happy Nappers are adorable, soft and cuddly stuffed animals that are reversible and change into pillows in the shape of their own unique Home Sweet Home. Unzip the back of the fun Happy Nappers Dragon, pull out the castle and stuff the dragon into the castle then zip up the door. Now the dragon is inside his castle and your loved one is ready to sleep with his Happy Nappers pillow. When nap time is over, ring the door bell on the pillow, wake up the dragon, unzip the door, pull the dragon out of his castle and enjoy playing with this fun Happy Nappers friend.

There are many styles of Happy Nappers to choose from, from mystical animals like the dragon and the Happy Nappers Unicorn, to favorites like the Happy Nappers Dog and the Happy Nappers Cow. These fun pillow friends when in the shape of their Home Sweet Home each feature a door bell on the side of their zipper doors and when pushed will feature fun sounds of the door bell, the snoring, and waking up of your pet. Happy Nappers make the perfect companions at all hours of the day and night! Get your loved one a Happy Nappers friend and pillow today!

Another aweome product offered by Coppin's are the Pillow Pets that everyone loves! We have gone through so many with the kids but I am glad we went with the Happy Napper since we haven't bought one of those yet!
To a child, few things compare to the warmth and security offered by a stuffed animal. Combine that with the functionality of a pillow, and you have My Pillow Pets! They are wonderful buddies at nap-time, on a road trip, on a plane ride, or anytime. My Pillow Pets are made of super-soft chenille, and they are anything but an ordinary stuffed animal. All you have to do is close the strap across their belly, and they transform into cute, cuddly pets. Undo the strap, and My Pillow Pets become comfortable pillows!

My Pillow Pets come in almost any animal imaginable. So whether your child loves dogs, cats, farm animals, wild animals, or imaginary animals, you'll find the right fit here in our collection! Available here at, My Pillow Pets are so soft and sweet, your child will never want to be too far away from his or her Pillow Pet!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Coppin's Gifts one lucky person will win their choice of Pillow Pet or Happy Napper!

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