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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jillian Micheals

Jillian Michaels Workout DVDs
I have tried several different programs but I have never tried out Jillian Michaels before this review! I love programs that push you & especially when they change things up instead of doing the same workout everyday which gets old! This program is not only intense but it changes things up with the different levels.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution has one purpose: To maximize your diet and fitness potential so you'll get dramatic results at an accelerated pace. Jillian delivers a complete set of compact, super-effective 30-minute workouts plus a healthy eating plan that will enable you to transform your entire body in just 90 days.
At first I do get a little intimadated especially when the program is harder! I do feel like an idiot trying to do excerises that I can't fully do. But for me the upside is when you do the exercises right & you can tell your body is changing. This is how you push your body by doing better & harder. So don't let anything ever discourage you because you think it may be too hard. I look at this way we all have to start somewhere!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution offers you:

  • The secrets and the science of what really works for weight loss, and total body transformation. For the first time ever you will have access to the same complete system (principals, techniques and philosophies) that Jillian used to transform her Biggest Loser contestants.
  • A 90-Day, 3 Phase weight loss program that gives YOU the knowledge, support, and power to transform your body with the most effective diet and fitness plan on the market, developed by America’s #1 Toughest Trainer and certified nutritionist.
  • A 3 Phase exercise system, each phase includes: 4 Metabolic Training workouts and 1 Cardio workout – that’s a total of 15 life changing DVDs!
  • A Revolutionary Technique Called Metabolic Training. Metabolic Training is the accumulation of Jillian’s 20 years of expertise in the fitness industry. It integrates all of the most progressive exercise science techniques used by world-class athletes into one program. Elite workout methods like Plyometrics, optimized muscle splits, super setting, hybrid lifts, peripheral heart action, HIIT and functional bodyweight training come together in one powerful method that offers you the most effective way to get lean and shredded fast. Jillian’s Metabolic training technique not only burns more calories while you are training, but it literally ACCELERATES your metabolism long after the workout is finished so you keep burning fat and calories at a higher rate - for up to 16 hours after you work out.
  • No Boredom and No Burn Out. You can complete an entire circuit in just 30 minutes! Each and every workout is comprised of all different exercises that have been handpicked and crafted by Jillian so you never get bored and always progress.
  • All the tools you need to be successful: 15 ALL-NEW DVDs, Resistance Cable, Fitness Guide, customizable 90-day Fat-Burning Meal Plan complete with grocery lists, delicious recipes, and daily menus, 90-Day Journal, and FREE 30-day Web Club access. PLUS, a bonus 7 day Kick Start Your Metabolism diet plan to detox your body and help you curb your food addictions. No Gym Membership Required! All you need is a small space, a set of dumbbells, a half hour a day, and determination.

This program is divided into 3 different Phases to help you build to your potiental! Each phase is based on 30 days since the program is 90 days. The first phase is supposed to put you on the fast track to losing weight with a metabolic makeover! I personally enjoyed this phase because of the low impact since I have to be careful with my torn ACL. I do have to modify a few things because of  the tear but I still got a great workout! The Cardio was super fun but I also do enjoy a good cardio workout!


Blast calories. Blast fat. Blast metabolism into the stratosphere!

Phase 1 workouts put you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover. Jillian lays the foundation for success with low impact, results focused moves:
Have yet to go onto Phase 2 but I will be soon. I have tried the different  workouts for the purpose of this review! I love how she is mixing things up with this phase & the 3rd also! Now I am even more excited to move on to the different phases than before!


Get ready for a total body transformation!

The results you will see in the mirror and in your physical performance will be staggering in Phase 2. Greater resistance, dynamic movements, and more challenging exercises continue to shed fat and shred your physique.


Put the finishing touches on that hot new bod!

The apex of workouts – the culmination of everything you have been working towards. Phase 3 is where it all comes together. Polish muscles to perfection and obliterate any remaining fat.

Also included in the kit was a Fitness Guide, Fat Burning Meal Plan, Resistance Cable & 7-Day Kickstart your Metabolism! I really want to emphasize that the guides are very comphrensive unlike other programs! If you need a good diet plan this is it & I am very impressed with the depth it goes into. The meals are customizable which is very nice especially if you're like me & picky when it comes to your food.

The 7-Day Kick Start is unlike anything I have ever seen. If you are serious about losing wieght or just improving your health this is a must. It's simple & easy to follow. But you really have to read & not skim to get the most out of the plan.

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


fancygrlnancy said...

looks like a great workout.