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Sunday, May 6, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010!

Microsoft Office 2010
As a blogger I am always utilizing Microsoft Office for one thing or another! It so essential to have Microsoft because of all the features offered plus it makes my life so much easier. As a student I was always using PowerPoint for presentations! At first I was very intimidated by the program but as I grew into understanding how it worked the possiblities seemed never ending.

One of my largest presentations was a 50 slide presentation on a specific cancer. If I didn't have Microsoft Powerpoint to help with this presentation it would have took 3 months instead of 3 weeks. Not only was my slide show vibrant but it actually helped the other students attention. I also love how I could put speaker notes at the bottom which is also helpful when giving a speech. This makes life so much easier instead of having to fumble around with papers trying to keep everything in sync with each other.
Something I learned while researching for this post was the option of posting a PowerPoint presentation online. Because of the ease of use this makes a great way to share photos or whatever else on websites. How To guide for Embed is super easy to use; simply follow the instructions! Below I was sent some really awesome features for Microsoft Office if you are a blogger or not!

· Want to show photos from that family vacation, but don’t want to upload them all to a post? PowerPoint Embed allows you to post a slideshow to your website. Plus you can add personal touches to the slide show!

· Help your kids customize school presentations with PowerPoint templates.

· Working from home because your kids are sick? You can still broadcast your PowerPoint presentation to anyone with an internet connection using PowerPoint Broadcast.

· Need to make last minute changes to a presentation, but don’t have access to your computer? Work on your PowerPoint from any web-connected computer with PowerPoint SkyDrive.

Microsoft office has so many features it's hard to get it all in one post! It's worth every penny whether your mom/dad, blogger or student, the program can save you time & energy! When I get done with our Vacation slide show I will make a post! It's taking time because I am playing around with the cool features! It may take awhile but I will get it up!

One very lucky person will win Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010!

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