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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Petmate

Petmate, with its family of brands, is the trusted authority in smart pet care solutions. As the first to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to wooden travel crates, Petmate has gone on to introduce smart solutions for every stage in a pet’s life. At Petmate, we believe in what we do, because we have pets too! Check out all of the other great brands and products in the Petmate family: Bamboo, Fat Cat, Booda, Petmate and Aspen Pet.

The very wonderful people over at Petmate sent us some really awesome products! I went with Kitty products since we love our cats! But Petmate also carries other pet products for Dogs & birds! Below I have included the products we received plus a product description from the webiste!
infinity – programmable feeder
Feeding your pet has never been so easy than with Petmate’s Infinity™ Programmable Feeder. Not only does this automatic feeder reliably deliver portion-controlled meals while you are away, it also eliminates the daily chore of scooping and measuring. The stylishly designed feeder features a large LCD screen and built-in meal counter and holds 5 or 10 pounds of food. With three simple buttons, you can easily program your feeder to dispense the right amount of food for your pet at the right times throughout the day. The food hopper is conveniently transparent for monitoring food levels at a glance and has a handy twist-lock lid to keep food fresh and secure. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Available in 2 sizes and colors.

This is the best product ever especially if you are trying to keep your cat's weight down! It's not only super easy to use but very convenient for feeding our kitty! It's a pain to have to feel up your cat's bowl & when they are hungry you better watch out because they will bug you until you feed them!

balance ball

There’s nothing cats love more than swatting at a moving target! That’s why cats love the Booda® Balancing Ball. This fascinating toy features a rod and feather extending from a weighted ball that pops back upright after it’s knocked down. The jingling bell attached to the feather adds even more excitement to the game! The transparent ball is made of extremely strong polycarbonate material that can handle dropping off the coffee table or getting knocked across the room like a hockey puck! Available in 2 fun color combinations – Yellow/Pink and Green/Purple.

Cats are seriously the funniest animals to play with because you can mess with them & they love it! Our cat loves to paw at this & make it go flying which is so funny! Rub the feather in Cat nip & watch them go!
cat scratch wheel
Cat’s love their claws! That’s why they will love the Booda® Cat Scratch Wheel. It’s created especially for claw play and exercise. The spinning hexagonal wheel is covered with indoor/outdoor style carpeting that puts felines into a trance as they dig in, close their eyes and puuulllllll! Of course, the movable golden mouse that just begs for swatting and chewing can’t be ignored either! For a change of texture, cats can sinking their claws into the slab of fresh corrugate built into the base. Available in two different color combinations: Teal, Bone, and Pink or Gray, Bone, and Light Gray.

The perfect toy to save your furniture plus get enjoyment out of watching your kitty go crazy on the wheel. When I give my kitty cat nip he loves to bite his toys & it's really funny! He also likes to rub his body in the nip while playing!

We didn't want to forget about our dog & received the following product for Frank!


The Petmate Walkabout leash allows your dog greater freedom while remaining under your supervision. These lightweight leashes are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit any hand. Feature trigger-style index finger controls for quick action and tangle-free inlets to keep the webbing from getting twisted inside the housing. Small and medium sized leashes feature corded webbing while the large features wide webbing. Available in a variety of colors.

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.


Karen Glatt said...

I really like this company called PetMate. I did not know about it. I like the wide range of pet items. I will look at this site and see what they have to offer.