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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Snuggle Laundry Prize Package Plus Snuggle the Bear

Snuggle fabric softener launched Snugs Across America, the brand’s first-ever movement to inspire people to spread the love and soften up. It’s as easy as joining the lovable Snuggle Bear in sharing a snug – a fun and easy gesture that’s a cross between a snuggle and a hug – by uploading a snug photo on Snuggle’s Facebook page. And, for each snug shared on Facebook, Snuggle has committed to donating up to 10,000 stuffed and cuddly Snuggle Bears to children in need.  

As you can see I was sent the above products from Snuggle to help spread the word about this awesome promotion! I have personally never used Snuggle before I received the products for this review. The kids were super excited about the Snuggle bear we received. Each kid has joint custody of the bear :) We also received the very soft Snuggle blanket which is perfect for babies (human or not)!

The Snuggle Blue Sparkle dryer sheets have a really nice scent & it does stay with your clothes even after drying! I know some dryer sheets have a great scent but it doesn't linger afterwards which drives me crazy! The Blue Sparkle liquid fabric softener & Exhilarations White Lilac & Spring Flowers are really awesome! Each person in our house likes a different one.

One very lucky person will win Snuggle Blue Sparkle dryer sheets, Blue Sparkle liquid fabric softener and Exhilarations™ White Lilac & Spring Flowers, laundry basket, Snuggle Bear plus a soft blanket! All items are included in the above picture!

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