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Friday, July 6, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles

Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles, Inc.

Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles, Inc.

Have you ever purchased a scented candle hoping to transform your home to another place or time? ... only to be disappointed as the scent was "in the jar", not filling your home ... well, after years of disappointment ourselves, my wife and I decided to produce our own aromatic candles ... and, do it right!
We have found the perfect combination for a great candle with a long burn time and a high degree of scent. Our clean burning, triple scented Candles glow from the elegant glass jars . We use PURE PALM WAX in all our candles. All of our oils are rated the best for candle making. We only use flat, coreless cotton wick braided with thin paper filaments cleanest burning candles on the market.
Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles offers jar candles in large, medium and small sizes. Available in our Tropical Collection, Spring and Summer Collection, Country Collection and Holiday Collection, our candles are all custom made to order, allowing for the freshest product when it arrives at your doorstep! Since all of our candles are made to order, you can order any scented candles at any time of the year!

I love candles that can hold a scent & don't get weak after the first time I light it! This candle not only smells awesome but it has held its scent really nice. I went with the below candle! Also I have added my thoughts after the description from the website!
Vanilla Hazelnut
Two amazing delights collide with our Vanilla Hazelnut candle. The delicious, sweet smell of vanilla and the mouthwatering, rich scent of hazelnut. An awesome, warm and earthy aroma!

One very lucky person will win a 12oz Jar Candle in choice of scent!
Please no Hawaii or Alaska

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