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Monday, July 2, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Tiny Love Baby Gym in Choice of Tiny Princess and Gender Neutral

Tiny Love
Tiny Love strives to consistently improve its position in the market by being the first developmental toy provider to identify the latest discoveries in child development and translate them into engaging, interactive toys that nurture skills and delight the senses.

TIny Love is a brand that parents trust.

We are consistently aware that our product category challenges parents both intellectually and emotionally. Choosing the right developmental toys are among the most important decisions they will make in the formative stages of their child’s interactions with the world. To that end, Tiny Love maintains a strong and sensitive awareness of the market, by consulting and working with psychologists, child development experts, quality assurance specialists and parent groups on an ongoing basis.

We believe that this straightforward, hands-on approach is the best formula for producing superior developmental toys in a highly competitive arena. Our collective know-how and experience – and the deep passion we have for what we do – enables us to compete confidently in challenging market environments and emerge as leaders in the field.
As you can see with the above picture I was sent the The Gymini Move & Play to try out! When looking for baby products one thing that I can't help doing is looking for products that catch my eye. I think this is a natural thing for almost everyone. But before I buy I will do research to what my best option will be! Personally I am very impressed with this particular company.

Below I have included more pictures of the product plus information from Tiny Loves website. I have also included some of my thoughts about the product itself.
The Gymini Move & Play is the first activity baby gym to feature a sliding arch connector, which brings the toys within reach of your baby. It's more versatile, more comfortable and better adjusted to developmental needs.

Did You Know?

The Gymini

Move & Play enjoys a unique design that helps you adjust to baby's changing needs and abilities. You can p
lace the fun baby toys within your baby's reach to stimulate and encourage the development of eye-hand coordination and grasping abilities, thereby helping develop baby's
Features Include:

  • Revolutionary arch connector allows endless options for playtime
  • Sliding rings enable flexible toy positioning for a content baby
  • Extra large baby mat
  • Ideal for tummy time
  • Getting baby in and out is finally easy and hassle-free

  • A large variety of features enable multiple activities wrapped up in a single baby product: 
    1. Fun electronic lights& music toy with 7 different tunes
    2. Jitter elephant
    3. Monkey rattle
    4. Sun & cloud rattle
    5. Colorful teether
    6. Engaging mirror
    7. Crinkly square toy

    Age Tips

    1-3 months
    Place baby on his tummy, facing the mirror: his intriguing reflection will encourage him to extend tummy time.

    3-6 months
    Move the hanging baby toys to the appropriate distance from baby's palm, so that when they raise their hand - they can hit the toy, or later, grasp it with ease.

    One of my favorite features of this product is that it will grow with your baby! Plus it's a great product for tummy time which in my experience babies do not like. If my baby gets too cranky during tummy time I will move the baby on its back so he or she can play/look at all the animals etc.

    I also love how I can adjust the bars to fit the baby's needs! This is another example of the product growing with the child. The light up "Flower" which also plays music is removable which is so nice especially if you get tired of hearing it :) But of course the toys are also deatachable which is another huge plus in my book!

    In my opinion if you are looking for an activity mat this is a must have! I have had some less than nice mats which are nothing but junk but this mat is perfect. I can't find anything I would change about it or even complain about!

    One very lucky person will win this mat, your choice of either Tiny Princess or Gender Neutral Version!
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