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Monday, August 20, 2012

Creativity For Kids Craft Party!

We had the opportunity to host a Creativity For Kids Party! I know it's hard to tell but not only did we get one of these huge boxes, but 2 boxes filled to the brim of awesome fun stuff! We had some seriously great products to review.
As you can see from the above picture one of the girls is making some headbands! The Fashion Headbands are filled with a load of different options! This product has so many different ways to make each headband totally unique to the girls' styles! This kit include 10 headbands & literally everything you need to make it your own!
With the littler kids they need help but with over 8 at least at our parties they had no problem making their own designs! Below I have included all the products we received x2 yes 2!
We were seriously working on all the different products for days! At one point the kids had the pink bags outside doing them on the sidewalk with all of the kids in our neighborhood! Talk about fun!
Since I break out in red spots when I'm around glitter I didn't get to interact with the kids on this one! But again they had a blast! Personally I think this is a great product for around the holidays so the kids can make their own homemade gifts! It does include trinket boxes so they would be able to put a small gift inside! The package also includes gift tags + matching envelopes! Another great product to let your kids imagination run wild!

The Fashion Bracelets came with 15 bracelets to decorate! Again you may have to help the younger kids with this project but in our experience they loved it! I did have to help with one of the harder designs but after I showed the girls they got it!
Here is one of the bracelets that turned out super cute!

This is one of the cute little Fashion Totes we received! This product comes with several different stickers to make it unique for each kid! This was really easy for the younger kids to create! This was a super fun but easy product for the kids!
Finally something for the boys to get excited about! This is one of the cutest products I think I have ever seen! Talk about getting the creativity juices flowing! This kit includes 2 different size books! Each book has 12 pages + the covers are hard which is very helpful especially with kids! The kids can also add their own pop ups that come with the kits!
Shrinky Dinks BFF Jewelry was a huge hit! What girl or boy for that matter doesn't love Shrinky Dinks! This is a super cute idea to make different types of bracelets!
This Coloring & Activity Book is great for older kids! It's very unique and has some really awesome activities that are totally different than anything I have ever seen! Below I have included one of the fun activities!


We truly had a wonderful time & since the holidays will be coming around soon this is the perfect gift! When your kids are stuck in the house during the cold months give them something really awesome to use their creativity on!


Brandi Yee said...

This is so neat! My daughter would love this and it would definitely make a great gift :) Thanks for sharing!

BethElderton said...

My 10 YO, almost 11, grand-daughter and her group of friends would have so much fun with this at one of their sleepovers! I will be keeping this in mind. Thanks!

Natasha Dythia said...

These kits are so cool!

Susan said...

We used to have craft parties all the time when I was a girl scout leader! Girls love it!

Suzi Satterfield said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Trisha said...

How cute! I love the little fashion bracelets! my niece is really into stuff like this.

Momma and the boys living on a budget said...

Oh what a cute and great idea for the kids.

We would love you to check out the Thrifty Thursday weekly linkup!

JR911 said...

Great idea to keep the kids entertained without video games!

charlene luke said...

This looks awesome. My niece would like this.