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Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Review: Pinypon for Girls Party

I was sent the following kit which doesn't show everything I received! I personally have never heard of Pinypon but I am very impressed with the products. I guess most of us are always looking for something different & fun for our kids! If you are one of those people this is it! I love how you can make the little dolls all your own & completely unique while you are playing! The van is just plain out awesome! All the kids raved about how much fun they had!
As you can see from the below pictures Pinypon dolls are changeable! You can change the dolls' hair from one doll to the next & also turn the dolls' heads to make a new face as you can see from below. The girls had a ton of fun exchanging different accessories.

We also received Certificates for each of kid to have! I gave them out after the party & let each kid pick out their out unique name for their dolls. I know the moms now have some really awesome ideas for Santa this year at Christmas!

The Pinypon Caravan is AWESOME! You are able to do so many different things with the van for endless hours of fun! The kids decorated the van with stickers which made the van very customizable!

The Caravan has so many different features that it's the best I have ever seen. The van includes 2 surf boards at the top that the dolls can be placed on. It also opens up for hours of endless play. Just like the dolls, the vans come with accessories to cumstoize the van!

We also recieved 2 of the following babies! What girl doesn't love to nurture a baby? This baby was also a big hit at our party & I really wish I could have gave each girl a baby. The baby is cool because it blows bubbles!

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All opinions are solely mine & may differ from your own. I did not receive any compensation to review the above products. I did recieve the above products in order to properly conduct a review.