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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CLOSED GIVEAWAY: ZICAM- Intense Sinus Relief

About: All of our Zicam® products are regulated by the FDA, and we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety in the development and manufacturing of our products.

•Fast relief of nasal congestion and sinus pressure

•Nasal gel with cooling menthol and eucalyptus
•Lasts up to 12 hours
•No-Drip Liquid Nasal Gel™ won’t drip down your throat
•Use as directed

        The worst feeling in the world is having a stuffy nose. Especially when you are trying to sleep. I love this product! I especially like that is is no-drip so that is doesn't run down the back of your throat and gag you. I work 12 hour shifts at work and I can honestly say that if I use this before I leave for work that I don't need to use it again until I get home.  

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.Tatum's Family Reviews is not responsibile for the shipment of the prize.

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