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Monday, July 1, 2013

REVIEW: Chief Compliant, Brain Tumor book

At 57 years old, John Kerastas thought he was the poster child for fifty-year old healthiness: he competed in triathlons, rode in 100 mile biking events and ate a healthy diet chock full of organic vegetables. Then he discovered that he had a brain tumor the size of his wife's fist. His memoir chronicles the first year he spent addressing tumor-related health issues: preparing for his first operation, discovering a dangerous skull infection, having the infected portion of his skull surgically removed, learning about his substantial vision and cognitive losses, undergoing rehab and radiation treatments, and learning to live with his ''new normal.'' According to Kerastas, the phrase ''new normal'' is the medical community's code words for ''You're alive, so quit complaining.'' As his health changed, so did his sense of humor. He writes that his humor started out superficially light-hearted prior to the first operation; transmogrified into gallows humor after several subsequent operations; and leveled out as somewhat wry-ish after radiation and rehab. This is a surprisingly upbeat and inspiring book for anybody interested in memoirs about people dealing with personal crises, for patients trudging through rehab, for caretakers helping victims of serious illnesses, or for anybody looking for an unexpected chuckle from an unlikely subject.

I was not sure what to expect from this book when I received it. I thought- brain tumor? That sounds depressing. I have to say that I was SO engrossed in this book once I picked it up, that I finished it in two days! It is easy to read and stays interesting throughout the story. I am an RN and I found it somewhat humorous when John was talking about the nurses in his book. It was funny to see the patient's perspective of daily life on a hospital unit. This is a great book for someone who may be going through a tough time with an illness. It is also a nice book to read if you are in the medical field. Thank you John for sharing your story with us. There is a lot to be learned from reading it! You can purchase this book on Amazon! There is also a website to find out more information. Keep updated with John on facebook!

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary to my own. I did not receive any monetary value to conduct this review.