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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dove Men+Care Hair King of the Castle Hone Upgrade with HGTV

Together with home improvement expert Jonathan Scott, Dove® Men+Care™ Hair is inviting men everywhere to enter the ''King of the Castle Home Upgrade'' contest and share why they would like to improve their homes for the chance to win a strong home upgrade

Dove Men + Care Hair launched the “King of the Castle” home upgrade campaign with HGTV host /home improvement expert Jonathan Scott to offer a family the chance to win 5 sensational grand prize options to strengthen their home!

The prizes (which are totally customizable) include a moat and functioning drawbridge, a troop of authentic-looking British Royal Guards, the backyard tree fort, a ‘smart home,’ and an outdoor kitchen and dining area!

I would pick the smart home option!!!!

To enter visit